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Over the years I’ve used several ways for storing my make up and nail polish. As I’ve been upgrading my living space with some new furniture, I’ve also been rearranging my beauty storage. Deciding how I wanted to store my nail polish was easy. The Ikea Helmer drawer set is small and the drawers are exactly the right size for storing bottles of nail polish.

Nail Polish Storage (Ikea Helmer)

When it comes to nail polish is was my first beauty love and so over the years I’ve been collecting it on and off. That is one reason for my ever expanding nail polish collection. The second reason is that I am always curious to try out new brands or colors and the fact that I love a good creme & glitter combo on my nails.

In the past I stored my nail polish in bins, wooden CD cases, or in cardboard boxes, but none of it was very practical. I needed a storage system that allowed me to house my growing collection, and a way to keep everything in one place. Another must was storage that would allow me to store my nail polish upright and still make it easy to see everything I have in one go. Enter Ikea’s Helmer.

I bought not one but three of these white office drawer sets. I use one to house my nail polish collection, but there are some drawers in it that do not contain nail polish yet, so I have room to expand. The drawers aren’t too big, which means you can fill it up and the bottles will not be sliding around all the time. You can also purchase mats so nothing will slide around in the drawers, but since I have plenty of nail polish that isn’t very likely to happen. The drawer set was easy to put together and seems to be sturdy enough to be holding quite a few polishes without collapsing. In total I’m using 4 drawers to house my nail polish collection.

The top drawer is devoted to high end nail polish. Think: OPI, China Glaze, Essie, Formula X, Ciaté and Sally Hansen. The second drawer contains drugstore and budget brands. Most of it is Catrice, Maybelline, P2, Barry M and Sephora name brand. The third drawer is the fun drawer: glitters and top coats! Here I keep anything under the sun that I like to use to spice up any nail look. It ranges from W7 to Models Own, Essence and L’Oreal to even some indie polish. The final drawer contains nail care products, top and base coats, nail wheels and the like.

When you see it like this it may not look like much, but in total my nail polish collection holds over 300 different polishes (I think I’m closing in on 400 by now). A third is glitters & top coats. When it comes to colors, you reach a limit I find. I mean, how many different types of mint green do you really need and use? But top coats can change that one mint green you own into something fresh and new. And that’s why I love using them. I love to try out new combinations of color and glitter, make an accent nail, or a french manicure glitter style. And that’s why that the part of my collection that grows the fastest.

I already showed you my high end nail polish stash here and part of my drugstore stash here. In the future I will make sure to post the rest.

How do you store your nail polish?

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