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My picture taking streak did not dwindle down this month. I think I may have started to become a little bit addicted to Instagram these days and I try to have a new picture up every day. And so far that’s been working. My next Instagram overview will therefore contain tons of pictures as these blog posts are starting to run behind terribly. This one contains pictures from as far back as September. But in any case, here’s some of the things I’ve been up to since then. If you want to stay up to date with my daily goings on, then please follow me on Instagram @indiequeen84.

Haircut time! I got my hair cut and loved the result.
I went to a different hairdresser and absolutely still love my hair.
Even though there is no way I can ever get it to look like this again.

Chocolate cake with my friend @Vooraf en toe

I love the play of light in fall time. This is 7 AM some time in October.

Blogging means taking tons of pictures.
I save up my ideas for vacations and then spend 2 days taking pictures.
This was fall break, when I took pictures for my fall series, among other things.

Working out has also been something I’m really enjoying again.
It’s still a bit on and off at times, but I go as much as I can.
I tend to squeeze in at least 3 work outs a week on average.

My favorite past time: ready with a cup of tea.

You know make up is of great quality when it lasts all day.
I took this picture after I got home from work, which means this was on my face for almost 12 hours.
I’m still working on a review of the palette I used to create this.

Another early morning… Oude Rijn in Leiden.

At the beginning of my fall vacation, I swopped my summer dresses for my winter dresses.

The first foundation I ever finished.
You might have seen this in yesterday’s Empty Products video.

Sometimes the breaking dawn throws the most amazing lighting around.
I hate getting up early, but to see something this pretty always makes it a little less bad.
Leiden, Molen de Valk.

I’ve been on a major Christmas decoration kick lately.
This will be the first year my house will truly be decorated for the Holidays.

Vacation make up time. This was my make up for a day out in London.

Just a chillaxed day.
Am I the only person who lounges around in sports leggings on casual days?
In my defense: I did work out later that day.

Brown metallic lipstick. From Topshop.
I quite like it! Review is in the works.

What have you been up to?

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