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It’s been a while since I last showed you a summary of some of my Instagram pictures. And this time, I’ve decided to give you a bigger impression of my daily life. I simply took more pictures during the latter few months of 2014 than ever before, so I also have more to show you. Right, let’s get started!

November and December were very fruitful in the ‘pretty skies’ department. The first pictures is sunset, the other two are sunrises and I spotted a double rainbow on Christmas Day!

I did a bit of shopping in the TBS and MAC Christmas collections. The make up on the top left, was what I laid out at night so I have everything prepped for the next morning. 6 AM starts are no picknick, and every minute I spend less time getting organized in the morning is a blessing. So I always lay out my make up the night before.

My city recently refurbished one of the main streets in town. I walked past after going to the gym and loved how peaceful it looked without all the traffic that usually can be found here. This was a week before the street opened.

A couple of activities in my life: I left my keys at work, while I went home. The result: I came home, but had no keys. I found them in my laptop bag at work the next day. I’ve also started my little DIY project again for a ‘little book of inspiration’. I did one last year and had so much fun that I’m doing it again! I went to see Bombay Bicycle Club at Paradiso and I spent the first few days of Christmas break watching movies and reading The Silkworm by Robert Galbraith.

Tea! Drinks! I drink more tea than water it seems, and sometimes even take a glass to bed. I was also into making salted caramel hot chocolate in December and one night I went to the gym and was rewarded with free food and a cup of tea after a very satisfying spinning class.

One of the best concerts of 2014 that I was privileged to witness: Jungle at Melkweg in Amsterdam. This band is better live than on the record. The room was jampacked and completely sold out and it was the best time ever.

My family has a yearly tradition of going to the Winter Efteling to celebrate the Holidays. It was the first time I saw the Aquanura water and light show and I simply love the extra fairytale quality the fake snow gives the park during this time of year.

Selfie & make up time! I haven’t been home at times that I can easily take selfies at this moment. By the time I’m home or on a train (which is when I take them most of the time) it’s still or already dark. I managed to snap one on Christmas Day when I wore Chanel’s Coromandel lipstick. I also managed to snap some shots of a few make up looks I did.

In the most exciting personal news that I could possibly share: I managed to update my living space. It’s a journey I embarked on 1.5 years ago and by now it’s all done! Let me know if you would like to see a before and after (and maybe a studio tour?)… I bought a new pair of headphones because my old ones suddenly stopped working. They cost me an arm and a limb but they are the best on-the-go headphones I have ever tried.

And last but not least: I lost weight! I’ve had this pair of pants for 5 years and I was able to fit into it on and off over the time period I’ve had it. I knew I had gained weight in the first half of 2014 because my life was a mess at the time and I didn’t work out all that much. But ever since I went back to work and move around more, and work out more, eat better meals and better portions, I was noticing a change. I decided to try them on again last December and they fit again! They’re a basic pair of Levi’s 501 and here’s to staying fit and healthy this year so they will fit for the time period to come.

What have you been up to lately?

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