5 favorite brushes for specific jobs

Whenever you’re building a brush collection. You’ll find that you end up having a few brushes that you cannot live without, yet you don’t use them on a daily or even a regular basis. The explanation? Well in my case, I have a few brushes that I only use for one very specific make up application. These brushes can sit in my brush collection for months without being touched, but they are indispensable. I present to you: my 5 favorite brushes for specific make up related jobs.

5 brushes for specific use

Are these brushes investments you need to make asap when you first start to become interested in make up? No, you don’t. I think you can live without any of these, especially if you’re a make up newbie. To start off with, none of these brushes were too expensive. They all fall into the budget to drugstore range, and I feel that if a brush gets the job done, then why replace it with something much more expensive? In particular with brushes like the ones I’m showing you today. When you use a brush 2 – 3 times a year at most, then why spend more than a few bucks for them, right?

ELF Kabuki brush

This was the first kabuki brush I ever bought and I haven’t found one yet that I like better. It’s dense and soft at the same time. And really good quality, considering the fact that I paid no more than 5 euros for this. I only use this to apply my MAC Mineralized Skin Finish Natural. I find this picks up enough product and gives a good coverage without becoming too dramatic. Since I hardly use the MSF Natural anymore, I sometimes use this to blend out blush gone overboard or my contour.

Real Techniques Accent brush

The Real Techniques accent brush is tiny! It’s quite possibly the smallest brush I own. What I use it for? To apply concealer to clean up my lip line. Yep, I told you these brushes would only have very specific uses. But I find this brush perfect for that. It’s small enough to not smudge your lipstick and make you look like a clown, yet dense enough to apply and blend the product nicely without creating a strange light line around your lipstick.

HEMA lip brush

My favorite way to apply lipstick is straight from the bullet. But sometimes you need a neater application or you simply want to spend the time applying your lipstick with a brush. Since that is next to never in my case, I decided I wanted a lip brush but not one that would break the bank. And I found a great one, which is super affordable. This probably cost less than €3 and it does a great job at applying lipstick. It’s synthetic and has a slightly pointed shape. The tip allows you to really get into those corners and I find this shape really fits my lip line flawlessly.

Zoeva 105 Luxe Highlight brush

Highlighter. Not something I use everyday. Sometimes all I need is a bit of blush and if I then pick a luminous/ shimmery one like the Hourglass Diffused Heat or Benefit Coralista blush, I can do without a highlight. But when I do apply highlight (my favorite is The Balm Mary-Lou Manizer), I use this brush. It has a round brush with a bit of a tip, like a balloon, and I find this picks up just the right amount of product, without overdoing it. And overdoing it is something you don’t want with highlighter. I have no need looking like a disco ball, thank you very much.

Real Techniques Cheek brush

I already mentioned and showed this brush in action in my signature make up look video. A good contour brush is hard to find in my opinion. Everything I had tried so far was too streaky, made things difficult to blend or made me forget about contour altogether. Contouring is again, not a daily thing for me. Since getting this brush it’s become a lot easier so I’ve been doing it more, but I can just as easily pass up the bronzer and just apply some blush.

What brushes do you use for only very specific jobs?

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    • Ik zou Zoeva aanraden als je enkel een paar kwasten zoekt. Real Techniques komt bijna alleen maar in sets en dan moet je dus wel alle kwasten willen gaan gebruiken om het rendabel te maken in de aanschaf.

  1. Leuk! Ik heb dit precies zo, ik heb een kwast die ik alleen gebruik met mijn minerale poederfoundations – dus die ziet alleen daglicht in de zomer. Ik heb een oogschaduw kwastje speciaal voor 1 oogschaduw en 5 blush kwasten voor verschillende blushes. Ik ben gek op kwasten en heb er nooit genoeg!

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