NOTD: Catrice Luxury Vintage Satin Matt Effect Get Boho in Soho

Where last week I was a late to party when it comes to nail polish trends, this week I am right on the money. A current nail polish trend is satin matte nail polish. Nail polish that is matte, but with a subtle amount of shimmer to create a pretty and sophisticated look. Catrice released a line which has just that finish and I picked up one of them. Today I am showing you this pretty white shade on my nails.

Catrice Luxury Vintage Satin Matt Effect Get Boho in Soho

When I saw these were released, I wasn’t too enthusiastic straight away. The finish wasn’t that easy to see, and some of the colors in the range are just not that appealing to me. Think grass green and bright coral: not the type of color I would want to wear on my nails with a matte finish. But then the range was launched and I saw this pretty white polish, which instantly caught my eye.

The satin matte effect isn’t the easiest to apply as you can see from these pictures. It has a quite strange consistency which takes some getting used to. It took about 2 – 3 nails until I got the hang of it, which is why especially my middle finger nail looks bumpy and not very well coated. You cannot easily drag your brush through the applied polish to even out the color as it dries really quickly.

Other products used:

  • Trind Nail Restorer
  • Trind Nail Repair
  • Orly Polish bond
  • Catrice Luxury Vintage Satin Matt Effect 05 Get Boho in Soho
  • Sally Hansen Insta-Dri top coat

The finished effect is very pretty. The white looks sophisticated and the hint of pearl keeps it from looking like you just coated your nails in Typ-Ex.

The worst apart this polish though is its lasting power. Granted, at only €3.59, this doesn’t break the bank, but you may want your polish to last longer than a few hours. That’s right. This polish lasted only a few hours on me before it started chipping and one nail came off completely too. The texture also feels unpleasant: like a chalkboard. So no, this isn’t one of my favorite polishes.

To sum up, this nail polish looks so pretty and promising on these swatches, but it wears terribly and is not easy to apply. Great if you are looking for a quick look for a party, but nothing that is really worth anyone’s time.

What do you think of the satin matte trend?

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