NYX lip gloss, lipstick & butter gloss

Just recently the Douglas around the corner from my house reopened and now includes some new brands. Apart from high end brands Bobbi Brown and Benefit, we now also have NYX! Excitement abounds as NYX is a great brand, but so hard to get a hold of. Back in the make up days of yore, I owned quite a few of their products, but over the year, I replaced them with different products. So I found myself ready to explore their current line in more detail now that I have it at my finger tips. I decided to start off by testing out some lip products.

NYX Mega Shine Lip Gloss 129 Beige
NYX Matte Lipstick in MLS11 Tea Rose
NYX Butter Gloss in BLG11 Maple Blondie

To make sure I tested out the product line to a sufficient extend, I ended up buying a lip gloss, a lipstick and one of their infamous butter glosses. I am into dusty rose lip shades at the moment, so that’s why I opted for those colors mostly. The lip gloss and butter gloss retail for €6.99 each. The matte lipstick for €7.49. Not too expensive, but not necessarily cheap either. These products fall into the medium segment when it comes to make up purchases.

NYX Mega Shine Lip Gloss 129 Beige

The first product I picked up is this cult favorite lip gloss. I remember when, back in the day, everyone raved about Beige lip gloss by NYX. At the time it was hard to get a hold of it: it was nearly always sold out. So I had never tried it. When I figured out this product would look nice with the lipstick I was eying up, I decided to give it a shot.

The packaging is quite simple. There is a small decoration of a bow at the top of the lid, which isn’t necessarily my cut of tea, but it’s not very bothersome either. On the back you can find the ingredients of the product: a plus as most brands don’t list these on their products. The product comes with a fluffy applicator which isn’t necessarily doe foot shaped, and holds just the right amount of product. I like that, as too much product on the wand, will only lead to over application.

The color of this product is a lovely dusty rose shade. It gives a tint of color to my lips, but not too much. A true, my lips but better type shade. Texture wise this is glossy, but not overly sticky. It feels comfortable on the lips and wears for a few hours, but needs to be reapplied after a drink or some food. Swatches on my arm and lips as well as full face pictures can be found below.

NYX Matte Lipstick in MLS11 Tea Rose

I used to own a NYX Matte lipstick before, but I found it to be a color I hardly wore, which is why I ended up giving it away. This color is much more up my street and performs as well as the one I owned previously. When it came to this lipstick I knew what to expect and it didn’t disappoint.

The packaging on this lipstick feels a bit cheap, but works alright. I like how you can see the shade in the middle of the lipstick and it feels sturdy enough. Ingredients are again listed on the bullet itself and you get a fair amount of product. The color is again that dusty rose shade I love so much. It is a very warm toned pink: a hint of brown, combined with hints of purple and pink make this a pleasant mix of color on the lips.

The texture and wear of this lipstick are fabulous. You may have to reapply half way through the day, but only if you’re having an intense meal that requires a lot of lip action like taking a bite from an apple or anything like that. The formula is very comfortable and hardly drying on the lips. As for the gloss, swatches and full face pictures can be found at the end of this blog post.

NYX Butter Gloss in BLG11 Maple Blondie

The reason for this purchase was EmilyNoel83 from BeautyBroadcast on Youtube. She raved about this butter gloss shade for some time and that’s what made me curious. I already own another one in Vanilla Cream Pie and I wanted to try more as I like it so much. Since I find the shades in this range to be very close together, I opted for this peachy tone to see whether it would work.

Like the other two products, this also comes with the ingredients printed on the packaging. Just like the Mega Shine Lip Gloss this has doe foot like applicator that has some product on it, but not too much. The shade is a peachy pink, which I think could make a great, easy to wear lip color for summer.

The packaging is simple and the color of the tube shows you the color of the product. That’s quite handy and it’s also fairly true to color which is a plus. This product is quite gloopy and sticky, much more so than the Mega Shine Gloss, but that is also what makes this stick to your lips a lot better. I find this survives straight up until lunch time (in my case that’s 6+ hours!), before it needs to be reapplied.

Beige, Tea Rose, Maple Blondie

Swatches of all three products show the different textures and finishes these three products give. Beige is clearly a bit more opaque than Maple Blondie, whereas Tea Rose goes on smoothly in one swipe to give a good dose of color. The butter gloss is a tad more shiny than the Mega Shine formula, but you do get more color in return in the Mega Shine Lip Gloss. But these shades don’t really mean anything unless I put them on.

Natural lips
NYX Mega Shine Lip Gloss in 129 Beige
NYX Matte Lipstick in MLS11 Tea Rose
Mega Shine Lip Gloss over Matte Tea Rose
NYX Butter Gloss in BLG11 Maple Blondie

My lips are naturally quite pigmented. It will pop up through most nude lip colors unless the product has really good coverage. As you can see all products alter my lip shade. The Mega Shine Gloss really establishes a ‘my lips but better’ look, whereas the Butter Gloss freshens it up a bit. Tea Rose is beautiful shade which is very versatile and a perfect: I want a neutral, but with a bit more oomph kind of shade.

Beige – Tea Rose – Maple Blondie

Full face, the effect of the Butter Gloss is the most subtle. Followed by Beige, which just makes my lips look healthy and juicy. Tea Rose is matte as you can see and I feel the color lifts my complexion and adds a bit of interest to my face.

I think it is safe to say that I am very pleased with these purchases. I would highly recommend all three of these products depending on the type of look you’re going for. My favorite has to be Tea Rose as it is such a nice neutral shade that I can wear with tons of different looks.

What NYX products would you like me to review next?

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