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My favorite drugstore brand? Catrice for sure. Despite the fact that they change up their line every 6 months, I always seem to discover new things that I have not yet tried. And at the affordable prices Catrice comes in, it doesn’t break the bank to do so. I was at the store last week and saw a few items that I had never tried before and so I decided to take some home. This blog post features my first impressions on these items.

Catrice Absolute Eye Colour 870 On the Taupe of the Matt Everest
Catrice Defining Blush 020 Rose Royce
Catrice Illuminating Blush 020 Coral Me Maybe
Catrice Longlasting Eye Pencil Waterproof 110 Rendez-Blue
Catrice Longlasting Eye Pencil Waterproof 090 Petrol and the Wolf

It is not as if I needed any new make up of course, but I like trying new things out and especially items that I have yet to try. Apart from their matte eyeshadow palette I had never tried any other matte eye shadows by Catrice and the same goes for blushes and eye pencils. I have eye pencils and blush by Catrice, but not these kinds. The Illuminating Blush especially was an item I had failed to spot until now.

Catrice Absolute Eye Colour 870 On the Taupe of the Matt Everest

The first item I decided to pick up was this matte taupe eyeshadow. I love taupe eyeshadow and to me this seemed like a pretty transition color. This retails for €2.89. Catrice isn’t known for their matte eyeshadow texture and so I was curious to see what this would bring.

On the Taupe of the Matt Everest, not only has a fun name, as most Catrice products do, but it is also a fully matte eyeshadow as the name suggests. It is a greyish taupe and I liked the imprint on the pan. To me, it made the product look a lot more expensive than it actually is.

As you can see the texture of this eyeshadow is quite powdery. And once you swatch this, it barely shows up against my skin. It also looks a lot more brown toned for some reason. However, I already used this in an eye look the other week, right after I bought it, and I found this shadow to work quite nicely. It does not blend away and is indeed a perfect crease or transition shade that will go with anything. So far, this shadow leaves a good first impression.

Catrice Defining Blush 020 Rose Royce

The line of blushes has changed up a few times as well and before their Defining Blush did not come in a shade that I deemed interesting. But with Rose Royce the tides have changed. At €3.59, I thought this could make a good addition to my collection of rose colored blushes that I love wearing especially during fall.

The blush appears to be matte with a bit of a satin finish in the pan. The color is a gorgeous dusty rose shade that pulls more peach than purple. That makes this a very warm toned blush, which is neutral enough to go with many different make up looks. I was expecting this to a versatile blush that goes with anything.

And I was right! Where the eyeshadow looks a tad disappointing on the swatch, this blush certainly does not. The texture is smooth and easy to blend and I love this shade on my cheeks. If you are fair skinned like me, this is a blush you cannot skip. It gives off a nice amount of pigmentation and the color looks flattering with several different eye looks.

Catrice Illuminating Blush 020 Coral Me Maybe

At 3.99, Coral Me Maybe is a tad more expensive than most Catrice products, but at that price point I was also expecting something a tad more special than the other products. In the pan this looks like it could be a great, some what more pinky version of NARS Orgasm or Sleek Rose Gold.

This blush definitely has a shimmery shine to it and that has to be your cup of tea. I like these blushes from time to time, but they are not my favorite as they easily highlight fine lines and any lumps and bumps that may appear on your skin. However, come summer time, I love using a shimmery blush because it functions as a bit of color and highlight in one go.

Coral Me Maybe is a gorgeous shade. This is a perfect blush shade for summer. You can see a hint of shimmery particles in the swatch, but overall this isn’t a complete glitter bomb on your face, which is a plus to me. The color is a peachy pink shade that pulls more pink on my pink toned skin. However, the peachy golden sheen this has is definitely inspired by cult favorite NARS Orgasm. I wouldn’t say this is a dupe per se, but it certainly mimics that idea.

Catrice Longlasting Eye Pencil Waterproof 110 Rendez-Blue
Catrice Longlasting Eye Pencil Waterproof 090 Petrol and the Wolf

I absolutely adore the Catrice Liquid Metal eye pencils (hidden gem at the drugstore that NO ONE talks about if you ask me), and their regular eye kohl is also not too bad, but I had never tried these Longlasting eye pencils. I picked up what looked like a pretty turquoise and royal blue shade as I love using these type of shades on my lower lash line for a pop of color in my summer make up look. At only €2.39 a pop, these looked very promising.

What is nice about these eye liners is that the tip is equipped with a sharpener, which is a must if you want to get a nice straight line. But like I said, I love using color on my waterline and one problem there, for me any way, is that eye liner tends to rub off or smudge very easily. I tried one of these last week to see how it would wear and I was pleasantly surprised. At the end of the day, it was only a little bit smudged on my outer corners, but other than that it was still on after a long day at work.

The only downside to these is that they are not as vibrant as they appear to be in the packaging. The Royal Blue especially is a lot lighter than it is in the pan. It is fully creamy though, which the turquoise one most definitely is not. That has a hint of shimmer to it, but with a bit of eyeshadow on top, that is easily solved. Like I said, these do wear very nicely and so I still think it is €2.39 well spent.

Are their any Catrice products you would still like to try?

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  1. robin says:

    ik vind Coral me Maybe echt super mooi.. zeker het ‘extra’ geld waard 🙂

    1. indiequeen84 says:

      Ja hè? En zo heel veel duurder issie ook niet. Pareltje uit het Catrice schap en echt zo’n product waarvan ik denk: waarom heb ik hier nog niet eerder over gelezen?

  2. kan iemand mij helpen ik zou graag eye pencil van catrice longlasting 110 rendez-blue bestellen of ergens kopen .kruidvat heeft ze niet meer’
    alvast bedankt .email

    1. indiequeen84 says:

      Hoi! Ik denk niet dat iemand je kan helpen. Catrice haalt elk half jaar producten uit het assortiment. Misschien dat Ebay nog wat heeft?

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