NOTD: Model’s Own Beach Bag

When the sun comes out, I usually decide to switch up my nail colors for brighter shades. Where I have been stoked on pastels all throughout spring, with summer happening in full force, I opted for something a lot brighter. Meet Model’s Own Beach Bag.

Models Own Sticky Nail Polish For Tans Beach Bag

Model’s Own is a brand sold in the UK drugstore. I picked this up the last fall and I had been itching to try this on ever since I got it. But this isn’t exactly the type of color you wear in, let’s say, December. So when summer rolled around, I immediately knew what I wanted to wear on my nails: Beach Bag.

Model’s Own do some amazing top coats, but also their neon polishes are stunning. Last year, they released a line of polishes that are supposed to make your hands look more tan. And that’s exactly what this polish does. I’m not sure what makes it happen, but sometimes you encounter a nail polish shade special enough that you regret having to take it off because it is too chipped. That’s what I experienced with this. Plus, for as long as it was on my nails, all I could do was stare at my finger nails. Despite the fact this is a creamy nail polish (that usually only happens to me with glitters), I could not take my eyes of it.

Beach Bag is best described as an electric neon peach and that is exactly why I kept looking at my hands while this was on. It is vibrant and fun on the nail and looks great against my pale skin. It is neon, but since the base color is more pastel I’d say this is more of a muted neon color which makes this color suitable for that bright pop of color while keeping things classy at the same time.

What I love about this polish isn’t just the color. It is also easy to apply, even though it has a slightly thicker texture, hence the name: sticky nail polish. That causes this polish to go on opaque in just two layers. The texture is slightly on the gloopy side which means this dries quite quickly. With a top coat over it, this polish lasted a good few days on my brittle, bendy nails. So I can vouch for the quality of this polish: if a polish lasts 4 – 5 days on my nail without too much chipping, it is a VERY good nail polish. And that’s what was the case for this polish.

If you are still looking for the perfect summer nail polish, then look no further! Models Own Sticky Nail Polish For Tans Beach Bag is just that. This retails for 4.99 pounds at Superdrug in the UK and is available at different prices from online stores. Selected lines are also available at, which ships worldwide.

What is your go to summer nail color?

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