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It seems like yesterday since I posted my last Instagram overview, but in fact it’s been 6 weeks. High time to show you what I have been up to these past few weeks. I don’t take enough pictures in my day to day life to fill up blog post after blog post on my personal life, but this way I can still give you a bit of a peek. Here’s what I have been up to in the past few weeks (apart from work and workouts that is…). As per usual, these pictures are in no particular order.

I did a bit of shopping! I hadn’t truly shopped for months, but there were a few items I simply needed. I was in desperate need of new gym shoes (mine were too old and no longer gave me enough support), a tea pot (I dropped mine and it broke into a million pieces) and I went on the hunt for some good Vitamin D3 as I had heard it helps with muscle pains and since I have been working out more these past few weeks I figured it would do no harm. Unfortunately I found a bit more than I bargain for.

Since it’s getting darker and darker and earlier and earlier, I decided to power up the old Magma lamp again.

I got a new window! My window had started to rot, so I got a new one. They measured at the end of August, but because it has to be custom made and has to fit within the style of the rest of the house it took a few months before it was finished. At the end of October they finally arrived to replace the old one.

I sometimes like to go all glammed out on a regular work day. Here I am sporting smokey eyes (courtesy of Urban Decay Naked Smokey) and a bold red lip (MAC Russian Red). Just another way to spice up your casual Fridays in my opinion.

I also shopped a few bits at The Body Shop. I talk a little bit more about them in my most recent haul.

Just in time for the cold! I reorganized my stack of sweaters and I love how pretty that looked.

Pretty skies on my way home from work.

I also purchased the Urban Decay Vice 4 palette. I now own all 4 of them. I don’t own the Limited Edition one (the neon yellow version) but since that overlapped a lot with no 1 and 2, I didn’t see why I would need that. Not that I needed this, but it again has some stunning shades that I think are amazing. I created a look with it, which I filmed and went online last week.

I decluttered my nail polish stash. Thes are some polishes I no longer had interest in, or that were simply old and the consistency no longer looked right. Buh-bye.

I recorded an empty products video. It was massive (as per usual, as I like saving up a decent amount of stuff). You can find the video by clicking here.

Washing brushes is something I always feel I should do more often. But when I do it, I do it right. Nothing’s better than a freshly washed set of brushes.

I also got some more books. I’ve been doing quite a bit of reading lately and I decided to try my hand at some more fantasy books. I am not much of a fantasy buff (but anything fantastical set in a real world setting I do like for some reason). I bought two more YA books and I bought 2 books by Patrick Rothfuss which I heard good things about.

November was a super excited month for my blog. Not only is my blog doing well, I also received my very first press package. You can find my review of the The Body Shop Christmas collection 2015 by click here.

Apart from an empties video, I also posted a haul in video form. I have been on a roll with making videos lately. Unfortunately the past 2 weeks were too busy for me to be filming anything, but I hope to go back to filming some videos again next week.

I did a spot of shopping with my mom in Utrecht during my fall break. It had been ages since we had done a mother-daughter day and it was fun to be out with my mom and critique all the bad sequined mini dresses on offer in stores.

Good hair day galore!

I busted out my video consoles again. I had cleared those away as I wasn’t using them enough. But after being sick for two weeks with an ear infection, I felt it was justified to do something other than watch Youtube videos and TV series. I hooked up my old Super Nintendo and my Wii. I haven’t used them since, but I am sure I will wanted to get some more play time in during Christmas break and the rest of winter.

I never used to love scented candles. They always made my asthma play up. But no more. My hayfever has been so much better this year and so I decided to give some candles a go and lo and behold: no asthma attacks and a lovely smelling home.

Sometimes the books I read aren’t particularly good, but if the cover is this beautiful, it most certainly makes up for it. I wrote a full review of Tangled Webs by Lee Bross here.

If you think back to the first picture of this post, and that bit of shopping I did, then you might have noticed these two make up bits. I decided to treat myself to some holiday collection make up by Benefit and Chanel. I am still working on reviews, but I hope to have the first one of this up next week.

A blog post which is coming a lot more quickly is the one where I show you this vintage 1940s style look. My friend Martine, of Beleef het Verleden, organized another Vintage party and I of course had to be part of it. This time I wasn’t merely a guest though. I also functioned as the resident MUA for part of the evening.

Last but not least, the realization hit me that Christmas is only 2 more weeks away. EEEK! So I decided to bring out my Christmas decorations this week. I didn’t change it too much from last year’s decorations. I just went a little less overboard and added some of the new bits you saw in the picture with my shopped goodies.

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