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On Saturday I talked about one of the biggest 2015 make up trends already: banana powders. But 2015 saw more trends than that and one trend that definitely will not leave us very soon is the trend of the liquid lipstick. At the bottom of this post you will find links to each and every review I wrote on this blog on different types of liquid lipsticks. Today’s review however will focus on the best liquid lipstick I have tried up to this point: the Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid lipsticks.

Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid lipstick Vampira & Beloved

Yes, I thought: let’s not beat around the bush and get straight to it. Out of all the liquid lipsticks I tried so far, I think these are the best. They are comfortable on the lips, fairly long lasting and easy to touch up. But I will get into that some more in the course of this blog post.

Looking at the packaging, it is one I really really like. From the tattoo print roses on the cap to the sleek design of the lipstick tubes: it all fits perfectly within the Kat Von D aesthetic and doesn’t look or feel cheap. Each lipstick is individually packaged in a black box.

One big pro to this line of liquid lipsticks is that it comes in an array of colors: from nudes to reds and even a navy blue and midnight black for the daredevils among us. The downside? The price and the availability. These lipsticks retail for $20 a pop and are only available at US Sephora stores. Luckily though (or maybe not so lucky), Sephora US ships to The Netherlands so I can always get my hands on more.

On another note: each shade comes with a slightly different ingredient list. The differences are small, but there are formula differences between the shades and that is why some of these shades get raved about and other do not. I did not know this when I first bought these when I was in the US last summer. If I’d had, I probably would have opted for slightly different shades.

I picked up two shades: Vampira & Beloved. Vampira is described as a deep reddish burgundy. I love me some deep dark red shades, which is why I chose this color. There are two red shades that are darker than this called Exorcism and Damned, but I thought those might be a bit too dark against my fair skin tone.

Beloved was the second shade I picked up and I believe part of the newer shades which were released last summer. Beloved is a bright, yet slightly muted coral shade. I deliberately chose a shade that was opposite to Vampira, as I wanted to see what a brighter and much lighter shade would look like. Other shades I am eyeing up are Double Dare, Lovesick & A-Go-Go.

The lipstick is held in a very slim plastic tube. Inside is a rather standard looking doe foot applicator, but since the tube is so slim, the applicator isn’t overly big. This means the wand can be used for precise application and this is the first liquid lipstick I manage to apply straight from the tube onto my lips without making a mess. Another good thing is that what you see is what you get: the color of the tube is the color of the lipstick.

The amount of product on the applicator isn’t too much, but neither too little. It is just the right amount. The texture of this product is liquid and creamy at the same time. In contrast to most liquid lipsticks I tried, this formula isn’t like a mousse (such as Anastasia Beverly Hills or MUA liquid lipsticks, for a link see below). I would say this formula is most comparable to that of the Rimmel Provocalips lipstick, only this doesn’t need a balm on top to keep your lips hydrated.

The colors swatch out beautifully. One swipe will give you an intense pigmentation of color that will manage to cover your lips easily. Even on my very pigmented lips, which is horrible as a base underneath coral lipsticks, my natural lip color will not come peeking through, not even with a color like Beloved.

These dry matte, but the texture remains creamy on the lips. This makes them extremely comfortable to wear, as your lips won’t dry out like most liquid lipsticks do. It also doesn’t feel as if you’ve added a layer of glue onto your lips which has dried. When wearing these, your lips will feel like your lips.

The level of comfort does come at a price: the wear time of these is okay, but nothing mind blowing. These will last around 4-5 hours, but will certainly last through a meal. However, touching up is a breeze, as you can simply apply a new layer. There is no need to take off all the product first before you can reapply it.

Remember my mentioning that not all shades had the same formula and performed the same? Where Beloved went on smoothly and produced an opaque layer with only one swipe, Vampira proved a little bit tougher to work with. When I simply apply Vampira as is, I am left with a not so classy looking outer ring around my lips. It is as if the product bunches up and dries more opaquely there. I tried seeing if I could apply a much thinner layer and when I did that, the color did go on smoothly. So with Vampira a general rule of thumb is 1 layer will give you a good amount of color and with 2 thin layers you will get the color in the tube.

From a distance however, the ring around my lips is a lot less noticeable, but you can still see it. I think the shade, however, is absolutely gorgeous on and the wear time and all other points I mentioned here still goes for Vampira as well. Beloved is a much fresher shade and somehow makes me look younger (at least I think so!). This is a great shade for spring/ summer.

Yup, the Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid lipsticks are a true winner in my book. The texture is great, the level of comfort is astounding and the wear time is very decent as far as lipstick goes. Add in the fact that there are so many shades to choose from and that application isn’t a downright mess and I can only conclude that this is a great make up product. I already added some different shades to my Sephora wishlist, so that once they are all back in stock and I have saved a bit of money I can buy a few more of these.

What is your favorite brand of liquid lipstick?

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  1. irene Avatar

    Ik vind die lichtste heel mooi!! X

    1. indiequeen84 Avatar

      Ja Beloved is een pracht kleur.

  2. thesleepingcutie Avatar

    Beloved is just so gorgeous!

    1. indiequeen84 Avatar

      I know right! I can’t wait to get my hands on some more colors to try.

  3. Mariska Avatar

    Jammer dat Kat von D zo lastig verkrijgbaar is. Ik vind de kleuren allebei prachtig staan bij je!

    1. indiequeen84 Avatar

      Op zich kun je tegenwoordig wel bestellen van Sephora.com naar Nederland, dus het is gelukkig een stuk beter verkrijgbaar dan voorheen!

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