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When I wrote a blog post about a month ago, on how I combine a 32 hour teaching job with daily blogs, I asked whether anyone would like to see my blog organization. Behind the scenes, I keep a system, where I compile ideas, materials for future blog posts and make a list of what will go online each week. Since some people expressed interest, I am showing you my system today.

My blog organization system: simply & easy to use

It is a very simple system and it’s all digital too. I keep a folder on my computer titled ‘blog posts’. I back it up regularly and in that folder I keep a folder system that is first divided into the different topics you might find on here, and then each folder is divided again into subtopics or into blog ideas. This system allows me to work in advance and compile pictures and lists for making the posts. The first thing you see when you open the folder is a list of topics. The numbered folders are the articles I will be posting online during the week. Each number corresponds to a day. And then there are the different folders corresponding with the major topics I blog about.

If you open up the Beauty folder, you will encounter a few sub folders: looks, make up general, make up reviews, skin body & haircare. I have divided the Beauty topic into subtopics as it would be a grand mess if I didn’t. The Looks folder doesn’t get used much anymore. I barely have time to create fun make up looks on top of the looks I create for reviews. But it’s still there in case I feel inspired. Make Up General is everything that is not a review in the strict sense of the word: it’s overviews of favorite products and more.

The final two folders are the most straightforward: reviews. Since the reviews on here are very product driven, I simply name each folder after the product that’s inside. I use a – symbol if I still need to take pictures for that blog post. This way those folders stand out and I know what I still have to work on. Everything else is ready to go. Pictures will still have to be selected and edited though. Moreover, I still have to write the text. That’s what I do on the fly: I edit pictures and write text the day before something goes online. Each blog post takes me about 30 – 60 minutes to make depending on how much editing and writing I still have to do.

What I do in between is simple: when an idea for a blog post hits me, I will make a folder for it and give it a -. On a day off, I will gather all the products/ clothes/ whatever I need and start shooting away with my camera. I will then go and put the pictures in that folder and delete the -. This way everything is in alphabetical order. During the weekend I will go through my folders and select which posts to put online during the week and number them in order. I try to take into account what went online the week before so that there aren’t weeks where I have nothing but recipes online and then weeks where there are none. I try to change it up.

Theoretically, with this system you can work much further in advance than just a few days or a week. I like to take my time every day to write a few words on here though. However, just before my summer vacation last year, my main folder showed a whopping 40 blog posts. I had selected those to be written in advance so I wouldn’t have to write anything during vacation. On the daily, I prefer doing this blogging thing on the fly, but it certainly has the potential for an even more structured approach.

I hope this post was useful for you.
Leave a comment below to let me know how you do it.
Enjoy your Sunday 🙂

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  1. Super useful!! Your organization system is so inspiring and would motivate me to post more, too. Don’t mind if I steal some of your tactics!

    Thank you!! ~~~Isabella

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