Garnier waterproof eye make up remover

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Talking about long overdue reviews! I am almost through my second bottle of the Garnier waterproof eye make up remover and not once have I mentioned it on here. Shame on me! Because this is a great little product that is quite affordable, does a really good job at removing make up, yet is gentle and non-irritating on my skin at the same time. Time to tell you all about it.

Garnier waterproof eye make up remover

Garnier waterproof eye make up remover

When it comes to my make up removers, I love using a separate remover for my eye make up. I like to wear a good amount of eye make up on the daily and I find that regular cleansers just aren’t as good at removing liners, darker shadows, let alone mascara. Even though I don’t use a waterproof mascara, I find that a good eye make up remover is a must to ensure all your make up is gone at the end of the day.

Garnier waterproof eye make up remover

My favorite type of eye make up removers are the ones that have the two phase principles. This one does too, but you can’t tell very clearly on the pictures, because the layers mix very easily. What you do if very simple: you shake it up so the layers mix well, put some on a cotton pad and gentle use it around the eye area (and sometime my lips as well if I’m wearing a bulletproof lipstick) and it will remove your makeup.

The Garnier remover promises to remove your make up in a gentle way, to nourish your lashes at the same time and that it doesn’t leave a greasy feeling layer after using this. It should be mild for your eye area and remove your make up without the need for any rubbing. When it comes to the lash care ingredient, this product boasts about containing Arginine and you should see results within 4 weeks of use.

Garnier waterproof eye make up remover

The ingredient list is a little complicated for a chemistry noob like myself, but you can see this is mostly water based. The Arginine is quite high on the list, which is a good thing. As this makes me belief the promise of more nourished lashes can actually be kept. What surprised me most was how short the ingredient list is. I try so many beauty products and some of their ingredient lists go on for ages. It’s good to see a product that keeps it short but sweet.

Garnier waterproof eye make up remover

On to how well this product actually works. I thought it would be best to show you how good of a job it does at removing swatches. I have a few eye shadow and liquid lipstick swatches on my arm here and as you can see the remover has no problem taking it all off. The product comes out clear and has a very neutral smell. It doesn’t have a perfumy scent in any case, which is good because you are using this around the eyes.

I think I may have found my favorite eye make up remover. I love the Kruidvat name brand as well, which at only €1.69 is a steal. This is a tad more expensive and I go through it a lot more quickly too. However, I feel this works much better, is gentler on my eyes and Garnier is on sale so much throughout a given year that it’s easy to stock up on this and make it more affordable than the original €5.59 price tag. I do not notice this nourishing my lashes too much, but I tend to have pretty good lashes anyway, so maybe I am not the best judge of that. I will definitely repurchase this, but first I am set to try the Nivea make up remover which I purchased not too long ago.

What eye make up remover do you recommend I try next?

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  1. The Fashion Queen Avatar

    It looks very good!

    1. indiequeen84 Avatar

      It is! Try it if you can. 🙂

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