Spring time tag

Sunday = tag time! I found this tag on A Love Tart’s Youtube channel and decided to write it up as a blog post. The questions are all beauty related, but I just couldn’t help but add this stunning picture I took of Molen De Valk in my home town last Friday. I mean, look at that crisp air, the reflection rippling in the water and that stunning gradient sunrise in the background. If you want to see more pictures from my daily life, follow me on Instagram @indiequeen84.

Spring time tag

1- Spring means glowing skin. What do you do for healthy glowing skin?

I try to faff about as little as possible with my skin. It is mostly sensitive and doesn’t fare well if I mess around with it too much. What I have found makes all the difference though is the The Body Shop Vitamin C Microdermabrasion which I have yet to write a review on.

2-What is the first beauty thing you think of when the weather warms up?

Bright lipstick. I can’t wait to bring out Candy Yum Yum or Lady Danger.

3-What is your favorite part of spring?

Nicer weather, more and longer day light. I feel most energetic and relaxed during early spring.

4-Do you do your hair differently in the spring?

Not really, but I just got my hair cut last week, which makes for a shorter and more spruced up look again. You will see it in some pictures and a video later this week.

5-What clothing item are you most excited about wearing?

Any dress and pair of shoes I bought in the past few months. Oh and don’t forget the thin knit sweaters and skirt combos I’ve been digging since last winter. Those will make for the most perfect spring time transition outfit. And blouses, I love me a good blouse in the spring time.

6-What is your favorite springtime smell or fragrance?

The perfume I only wear during spring time would have to be Marc Jacobs Daisy. But I also love wearing my all time favorite, signature scent (which I wear year round, but like especially during spring time): Balenciaga Florabotanica.

7-Favorite springtime lipstick color?

Like I said anything bright! But for this spring, I think I’ll be rocking the new Catrice Hot N Spicy lipstick most.

8-Favorite springtime nail color?

Lately I haven’t truly been digging nail polish much. As in: I hardly have the time, or seek the time for painting my nails. Yet, I did buy a new OPI nail polish from their New Orleans spring collection, called Show us Your Tips. It is a pretty light blue with a hint of purple, like a pale periwinkle shade, with tons of micro glitter. I tried taking a picture of it on my nails as I wore it last week, but none of the pictures came out true to color.

9-What is spring like where you live?

Over here spring can be very fickle. Days can start off freezing cold and you have to wear a winter coat on your way to work. Only to ditch that coat on the very same day for a light jacket or no jacket at all. When the sun comes out to play and the wind is blowing from the right direction it can suddenly turn very warm. Today is one of those days, so I am hoping to get to spend some fun time outdoors either today or tomorrow.

Feel free to fill out this tag if you’d like.
Enjoy the rest of your Sunday.

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