Hema micellar water

It is no secret I love the Garnier micellar cleansing water. But when you find an even more affordable micellar water that works as good, then of course we have to talk about it on the blog. This version by Hema may not be widely available, but it’s a product this affordable brand does very very well.

Hema micellar water

Hema It’s My Beautiful Skin Day Hydrating Micellar Cleansing Water

The price is what’s the real killer here. At just €2 for 250 ml, this is an absolute steal compared even to the Garnier one. And that is already an absolute bargain when you compare it to Bioderma. Granted, Garnier’s micellar water comes in bottles of 500 ml, but even if you buy two of these to get the same amount, you’d pay around 2/3 of what you pay for one bottle of Garnier.

The Hema Micellar Cleansing Water comes in a simple, sleek looking bottle. It has a twist cap which is handy. It guarantees no spilling in bags and since this isn’t so massive, it is easy to pop in an overnight bag. Since it is a plastic bottle, it isn’t too heavy and because of the 250 ml size, this fits very nicely into my beauty drawer, which the Garnier does not.

The list of ingredients is uncomplicated and quite short. It’s mainly water with glycerin. This product has no perfume and works great on my sensitive, dehydrated skin. Whenever I use this it makes my skin feel fresh and clean, but without leaving that squeaky clean feel. The claim that this is for all skin types may, therefore, be very well true.

The way I use this is by adding some on a cotton round and wiping it over my face. I use it morning and night. In the morning I use it as a quick cleanse to remove the oils that have developed overnight. I use one cotton round and then apply my day time moisturizer. At night, I go in for the double take. I first apply some on a cotton round and wipe of my make up. Just to make sure there is no make up residue left behind, I take a fresh cotton round and make sure there is no trace of make up left behind.

I only had some light swatches on my arm to show you the before and after, but it removes my make up easily. Afterwards my skin feels rinsed: clean and soft. It is like washing your face with water, but without the tight feeling afterwards. There are certainly some nourishing properties to this and it removes my make up nicely.

It’s that I have 2 back ups of the regular Garnier cleansing water, as well as their newest oil infused one that I won’t have to repurchase this lovely product any time soon. But when I am in the market for purchasing a new micellar cleansing water, I will certainly check out my local HEMA and buy this instead.

What is your favorite alternative to the Garnier micellar water?

9 responses to “Hema micellar water”

  1. Ziet er uit als een fijn product en zo te zien haalt het makeup er goed af! Ik heb zelf net die van niveau gekocht. Ook een goede. Maar toch wel enigszins uitdrogend..

    • Is zeker fijn. Ik heb die van Nivea voor de gevoelige huid liggen omdat ik daar ook benieuwd naar was. Welke heb jij geprobeerd, want als die uitdrogend werkt, denk ik niet dat het wat voor mij is.

      • Ik heb inderdaad ook die versie. Maar daar zijn weer 2 van. Op de ene staat amandel olie onderin en op de andere parabenenvrij etc. Maar heb de ingrediënten vergeleken: zit precies hetzelfde in, enkel de verhoudingen zijn anders. Maar moet zeggen dat ik producten heel snel uitdrogend vind. Ik gebruik heel zachte producten verder.

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