H&M Beauty eyeshadow singles

Remember what I said about eye shadow being my favorite make up item? That is why I have another eye shadow review for you today. When I bought a few bits and pieces from the H&M Beauty range, I could of course not skip their single shadows. The range is extensive and some of the shades looked absolutely stunning. I took home three which also happen to go together quite nicely. Meet Gingerbread, Shiitake and Sun Worship.

H&M Beauty eye shadow in Gingerbread, Shiitake, Sun Worship

H&M Beauty eyeshadow Gingerbread, Shiitake, Sun Worship

That the H&M beauty range is affordable is no secret. These single eye shadows are €5.99 a piece and for that money you receive 2 grams of product. To compare: a MAC eye shadow is almost triple that amount of money for 1.3 grams of product. So not only do you get more, but the price is surely competitive as well.

Each shadow comes packaged in these stunning boxing. Just looking at this, you wouldn’t think this brand to be budget friendly and affordable. The sleek eye combined with the gold printed letters make the outside packaging seem a lot more luxurious. Also handy: each box comes with a colored sticker on the side that says the name of the shadow. So there is no mistake in which shade you are picking up.

The actual packaging of the shadows also looks stunning. I’m more of a silver than a gold kind of girl, but I still think these gold circles make for a luxurious look. The compacts feel very lightweight and plastic though. So however luxurious this may look, it certainly doesn’t feel that way. It mostly feels a bit cheap to be quite honest.

But it’s the inside that counts of course! The shadows in this line look stunning and I picked these shades so they could hopefully compliment each other. I liked how H&M had testers out for all these shades, which gave me a good idea of what to go for. I decided to go for three different textures: an intense, almost metallic, shimmer, a soft shimmer, and a matte. This way I feel I can test the largest range of these shadows.

Sun Worship

The first shade is Sun Worship. This is an intense shimmering, almost metallic shade. It looks far more intense in real life than it does on camera. There is a slight shift to this when you move it around in the light as well. And the best part? That stunning shimmery finish is not an overspray. Sun Worship can be best described as a shimmering gold with a hint of silver. It definitely has a cooler undertone.


Named after a mushroom, I think that that also is the best way of describing this color. This is a soft shimmery shade that leaves the middle ground between a taupe and a champagne shade. When swatched you will detect the slightest pinkish hue to it. That is why this shade will work great as a highlight, an all over lid shade or maybe even as a subtle hint of shimmer tapped lightly onto the center of the lid.


Gingerbread is a matte warm toned brown. I instantly loved this shade and pretty much picked the other two shades to line up with this. There is a reddish undertone to this brown and it vaguely reminds me of Peanut Butter from the Too Faced Semi-Sweet palette. This is a bit more intense, slightly deeper and more red though than that. I’ve been really into warm toned browns as my crease color these past few months (pretty much after discovering that previously mentioned Peanut Butter shade), which is why this was a no brainer for me to give it a try.

H&M Beauty eye shadow in Gingerbread, Shiitake, Sun Worship

Swatches do not lie. The texture of these shadows is soft and buttery smooth. They don’t kick up too much powder and leave little to no fall out. They apply well, blend out easily and a little goes a long way with these. With a light hand, however, you will be able to build these up nicely into an eye look that is a good take an an every day neutral eye.

Sun Worship looks slightly less intense in the swatch than on the finger, but that also goes for the eye: it certainly packs a bit more of a punch once applied to the lid. Shiitake is a stunning champagne with a little something extra, be it fairly light. It may seem to be on the sheer side, but that’s only because it is so close to my skin tone. Gingerbread is rich and intense and the only shade that has a bit of fall out. Again, using a light hand will be key with this shade.

Lid: Sun Worship
Crease: Gingerbread
Lower lash line: Shiitake

For this eye look, I tried to apply the shades in such a way that they are wearable and easily combined. I find this look to be quite brightening. It suits my brown eyes nicely. Sun Worship pulls slightly less golden on my lid and the cool tones come out a lot more. Gingerbread is easy to blend out, especially considering it’s a matte and it makes for that perfect warm, faded crease. Shiitake is very soft, but I like how it still adds a little something to my lower lash line.

Yes, H&M Beauty does it again. After my positive review of their bronzer in Sheer Tan, I am now also a fan of their single shadows. These three are definitely a hit in my book. They blend well, the colors are stunning and well pigmented and they definitely give a different take on the standard neutral eye. I can’t wait to try more H&M Beauty mono eye shadows.

Which of these shades is your favorite?

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  1. I bought an eye shadow pallet from H&M a few months ago and these singles look like they have 10x better pigmentation than the pallet I got!! I almost gave up with H&M beauty but after reading this post I might give the singles a try 🙂

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