Cult make up products worth the splurge

You know the ones right? Those products that everybody keeps on raving about on the interwebs. The ones that get praise from so many people that you’d almost think they are paid to like them. Well today I thought I’d take you through a few products that are some true cult favorites that I have tried and definitely find worth the expense.

Cult make up products worth the splurge

NARS Laguna
Hourglass Ambient Lighting blush
Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick
Collection concealerMAC eyeshadow

What most of the products I’m showing you today have in common is that they are pricey! These aren’t the type of products you simply hop over to the store for and purchase in bulk. Except for one! Because I’ve listed the Collection concealer. The product itself isn’t expensive, but the fact that you can only buy this in the UK, makes it a pricey product if you have to travel to let say London, to buy it.

NARS Laguna bronzer

As far as bronzer go, I think that the NARS Laguna bronzer is one that is the most talked about and hyped up. It’s like one of those products where people will go like duh: of course it’s in my stash. I bought this during my very first endeavours into the world of makeup. Going off people’s recommendations was what I did. And this was a good one! The shade is a little bit to dark for me during winter, but after a vacation, this bronzer is all I’ll use. And the best part: it lasts a long time. Mine has a big dent in, but shows no signs of hitting pan just yet. It’s the bronzer that keeps on giving!

Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer

A drugstore item that is worth a trip to the UK. That’s how great this concealer is. If you live in the UK: lucky you! This concealer comes in 4 shades and was the first concealer that made me go like: yep, I need this in my life. By now I seem to have quite the addition for trying concealers, but so far, none have trumped this. There are many I like, but I will forever have a back up of this in my stash. It is so good that I have it in two shades: a light one for winter and a dark one for summer.

Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick

The Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick is another one of those products that gets a lot of buzz. What makes this product unique is the fact that this can be a highlight, blush (or bronzer, depending on the shade you purchase) and eyeshadow. I personally love using mine in Pink Quartz as a blush topper. I think it’s a bit too shimmery as a highlight, but it turns any blush color in a pretty glowy version of itself. I love wearing this during summer.

MAC Eyeshadow

Lo and behold, my old MAC shadow palette. I love these shadows so much, that I decided to bite the bullet recently and update to their newer palette. I love the MAC formula: they blend nicely, the color selection is really good and I love that you can build your own palette fairly easily. Single pans, without the packaging, are much cheaper and so creating a full palette is still very pricy, but if you’re after just a few shades than you can easily put something together. Not so much raved about anymore, but MAC palettes and shadows are still a staple in many people’s make up collections.

Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blush

A much more recent cult favorite and more like an instant hit are many of the Hourglass products from the Ambient Lighting series. There are bronzers, powders, strobe/ highlighters and blushes. The latter being my favorite, I decided to feature Diffused Heat as it is not only a gorgeous blush, it is also one of the more unusual blush shades I own. If you’re looking to create the perfects flushed look, then this is a blush to invest in. Because Hourglass products doesn’t come cheap!

What is your cult favorite make up product?

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