Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate serum

Kiehl’s has been a skincare brand I’ve been curious after for a long time. I’ve heard such great things about their products and thought myself lucky when I received some of their products for free last year. Some were part of a goodie bag, but this Midnight Recovery Concentrate was part of a magazine subscription. Who’d have known you could get such a great product as a freebee?

Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Concentrate

Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate

I started using the infamous blue bottle last February, together with the Iris Extract Activating Essence. This bottle contains 30 ml and retails for €42. It is also available in a smaller 15 ml size at €23 and 50 ml size at €63. So far I’ve used up roughly half of the bottle. That makes this a very economic product: a little goes a long way. For a product in this price category that makes this a pretty good deal.

The packaging is iconic: the midnight blue bottle comes in a straightforward looking box. This product promises to be lightweight, easily absorbed and should lead to smoother skin. The working ingredients should give you skin a boost of moisture, leave you complexion more radiant.

I already mentioned in a blog post before that I feel that my skin has been so much better lately: not as dry and I really feel that has started happening after using these Kiehl’s products for a while. So if you’re asking me if I think this stuff gets the job done? Then my answer would be a heartfelt yes.

This serum (which is how I use it) claims to be paraben free, fragrance free and free of mineral oils. Looking at the ingredient list, there are a lot of different oils in this product. Only the top two ingredients are a bit of abracadara. The rest appears to be all natural and indeed fragrance free.

On the box it says to use 2 – 3 drops on fresly cleansed skin. I think I use about as much, maybe a touch more. What I like to do is apply the skin essence first as a first step. Then I add this immediately on top. It is indeed absorbed very quickly, which is why I feel I do need to layer another moisturizer on top. By itself, this didn’t do much for my skin.

What makes this product very easy to apply, is its packaging. In the lid, you will find a pipette attached. The bottle and the pipette are glass, so probably not the best for travel. You simply squeeze the top of the lid and out come the product. I use about 1/3 amount of what you see in the pipette in the picture above.

The serum itself looks like a clear, very lightweight oil. It’s almost as thin as water and doesn’t feel oily at all. It also doesn’t leave a very oily residue, as some of face oils/ serums I’ve tried before do. The product doesn’t have a very strong scent. It is not perfume-y at all. It does have a smell though. But that’s all those oils that are in there. If anything the scent is a very natural, soft scent, which I find very pleasant.

I already used a serum before and already figured out that a good serum is a staple in my night time skincare routine. Ever since I started using one, my skin has been so much better: less dry, much more nourished and moisturized. It wasn’t until I tried this that I decided that I truly cannot live without one. I still have a TBS Vitamin E Serum-in-Oil as a back up because I loved that too in the past, and I also bought one of the Oils of Life facial oils to try out. But I’m sure that if I run out of those, I will surely set aside a bit of cash to invest in this product.

Do you use a serum? If so, which one?

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