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Indulging in luxury make up is something that I like to do from time to time. Whether it’s indulging in a new Chanel quad or a Charlotte Tilbury lipstick, I like to treat myself to some high end make up every so often. One luxury brand I had never tried before is Burberry. I had been eyeing up their products for some time and nearly bought the infamous Pale Barley eyeshadow the last time I was in London. But something held me back. And then I had a gift voucher and I found myself a Burberry counter and I decided to add the wonderful Rosewood single eyeshadow to my collection.

Burberry Eye Colour Wet & Dry Silk Shadow 202 Rosewood review

Burberry Eye Colour Wet & Dry Silk Shadow 202 Rosewood

The main reason why I didn’t own any Burberry make up until now? Because it is super expensive. This single shadow retails for €29. Yes, please sit down and take a breather: €29. For one. single. eyeshadow. Just to compare: you pay €25 euros for the Urban Decay Naked basics palette which contains 6 neutral shades. You do get 2.7 grams of product, which for shadow is quite a bit, but still. €29 for one eyeshadow is a lot of money, so this better be good.

And it is! Good that is. It already starts with the packaging. Burberry wouldn’t be the luxury brand it is if the packaging wouldn’t also be amazing. The entire set contains a small cardboard box which is quite possibly the classiest piece of cardboard I’ve ever seen. You also get one of those velvet pouches, which I honestly never use.

The compact itself looks very stylish indeed. It is made of a high shine, metallic looking gun metal that feels quite heavy to the touch. This is definitely a metal case! To add that Burberry touch, the compact is adorned with the classic Burberry checked pattern that you might now from their scarves and the lining of their famous trench coat.

It doesn’t stop there! The compact has a magnetic closure an the name of the brand is stenciled into the side. Top marks for packaging but of course it’s the inside that counts most! What does the shade look like and what is the quality like?

When you open up the compact inside you get the smallest itty-bittiest sponge tip applicator. Quite useless if you ask me, but it makes it good for on the go or any brush emergencies. The shadow itself has the Burberry check print embossed in the surface and there’s a decent mirror in the lid. This looks almost too good to touch!

Rosewood is a shade that is a very interesting one. Where Pale Barley is famous for its light, shimmery, cool toned beige/ grey/ taupe shade, Rosewood is its darker, more dusty rose toned sister. In short, Rosewood is best described as a dusty rose taupe. And that’s an interesting shade: I don’t have anything like it in my collection.

Burberry Eye Colour Wet & Dry Silk Shadow 202 Rosewood review swatch

I swatched Pale Barley and found it too bland against my skin tone. But when Rosewood caught my eye and I swatched that it was love at first sight. The dusty rose taupe shade goes so well against my skin tone and what’s more the shade seems to adapt or change ever so slightly when you move your hand. It’s not exactly a duochrome, but the sheen this has makes this a perfect all over the lid shade.

The texture of this shadow is one of the smoothest I’ve ever felt. It glides on like butter, blends out like a dream and is thus super easy to work with. With a primer underneath this stays put all day. I do have to say that pigmentation of this shade, but even more so with Pale Barley, is a on the sheer side. However, you can build this up to get the color pay off you want.

For the look, I used only this eyeshadow and some mascara. That’s it. Yup, that is just one shadow you see right there. See how it is slightly darker and warmer in the crease? And a bit more taupe and cool toned on the lid? That’s the effect you get when you use this shadow with different brushes. You can pack it on all over the lid for some more shine and pay off, blend it in the crease for some added definition or just dust it all over for the perfect every day easy look. A look that’s perfect for school or the office.

I am quite taken with my new Burberry eyeshadow but I don’t think I will be buying more of these any time soon. The shades are all very neutral, the price is outrageous, yet the quality and shade I’ve selected I feel is very unique and truly stands out. Definitely an item worth the splurge, but sparingly so.

What is the most expensive single eyeshadow you have?

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  1. The colour looks great on you! 😊 The most expensive single eyeshadow I own is by Dior. By now I don’t remember the price but you can imagine I had to pay a pretty penny for it. I used it very actively for the first months but now it’s just laying on my makeup counter.

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