Catrice lipstick collection

As far as budget make up goes, Catrice is my favorite brand. And their lipsticks are some of the best affordable lipsticks on the market. That’s why I thought it would be cool to show you the different lipstick shades I collected over the years. Some of these have now been discontinued, but often they were replaced with very similar looking shades or they are still part of the collection. In any case, here is my Catrice lipstick collection.

17 lipsticks in total!

I have lipsticks from a few different ranges within the Catrice lipstick offerings. My favorites are the Ultimate Colour lipsticks and Ultimate Stay lipsticks. I would have more Catrice lipsticks if they would come out with more interesting shades. I do try quite a few, but end up giving away most shades as they aren’t my cup of tea.

As you can see many of the shades I own are very samey samey. Most Catrice lipsticks come in very safe colors: great if you’re not sure what to wear or if you’re just starting out with make up. Not so much if like me, you wear a bold lip and a full smokey eye to work on a daily basis. Still I kept quite a few colors because I like having the drugstore option and because they are still very nice lipsticks.

Time for close ups!

Catrice Supreme Fusion EveryBARE and Nowhere

Apologies for the blurry picture, but this is a Supreme Fusion lipstick: the only one I own. This lipstick fuses a sheer lipstick with a lipbalm. It is one of the most comfortable lipsticks I own and it’s great for when you want a casual no make up day.

Catrice Ultimate Stay 020 All That She Wants

The Ultimate Stay lipsticks are a lot more intense and saturated with color. All That She Wants is a very pretty browny nudie pink that is great for everyday wear.

Catrice Ultimate Stay 160 Don’t Worry Be Berry

Don’t Worry Be Berry is a pinky toned berry. What I like about the Ultimate Stay lipsticks is how they are a bit more matte and less shiny than the rest of what Catrice has to offer.

Catrice Ultimate Stay 120 Looks Like Coral

Looks Like Coral was the first Ultimate Stay lipstick I tried and it is one of the very few corals I have found that I think look actually flattering on me.

Catrice Luminous Lips 100 Me, My Macaron & I

Luminous Lips lipsticks were a line that I think has since been discontinued and replaced by the Supreme Fusion lipsticks. I used to have more, but only kept the one that I loved the most. It’s a very glossy, creamy lipstick that has little colour pay off and those are always difficult shades for me to pull off.

Catrice Ultimate Shine 120 Let’s Dance Salsa

I only have one Ultimate Shine lipstick. I am not a fan of shiny lipstick, but this is a good exception. I know for sure this is no longer available as I pulled it out of a discount bin a few years ago. But it is a great shade. Whenever I wear this, people always ask me what I am wearing on my lips.

Catrice Viennart Shimmer Lip Colour C03 Klimt’s Ardent Kiss

Catrice also does some limited editions and often they include lipsticks. There was one collection a few years ago that included shimmery lipstick. This red infused with gold glitter was something I really didn’t have yet and now that it is back on trend, I think Catrice was actually ahead of the pack.

Catrice Viennart Shimmer Lip Colour C01 Nude Nouveau

From that same limited edition is this nude with golden shimmer. Not something that is flattering on its own, but a great shade to add some dimension to your lip look. That’s the only reason why I kept this.

Catrice Feathers & Pearls Roaring Lip Colour C03 Josephine’s Joy

When it comes to red lipsticks, Catrice isn’t my favorite brand to shop for them. As far as drugstore goes, my favorite reds are by Topshop and Rimmel. However, this classic red was a must have and I wore it tons when I first got it. It is a true classic red that is gorgeous on many different people.

Catrice Ultimate Colour 400 Rose-Mantic Nights

The range I have the most of is the Ultimate Colour line. These colors are the most intense and though most lipsticks have a shine to them, they do wear quite a long time before disappearing completely. Rose-Mantic Nights is a very pale white based pink that isn’t too flattering on, but it can serve its purpose.

Catrice Ultimate Colour 390 On the Pink Side of Life

One of my all time favorite Catrice lipsticks must be On the Pink Side of Life. It is a lot darker than Rose-Mantic Nights, but still a soft color. Another great shade for day time make up looks.

Catrice Ultimate Colour 470 My Little Peony

My newest Catrice lipstick is My Little Peony. I love dusty rose lipsticks with a mauve undertone and that’s exactly what this is.

Catrice Ultimate Colour 060 Oh Juicy!

The most stand out shade I own is Oh Juicy. This is a straight up orange. Not a coral, nor an orange toned red, but simply a straight up orange. I only ever wear this whenever we’re celebrating national holidays or when the Dutch soccer team makes it to an important competition.

Catrice Ultimate Colour 430 Hot ‘N Spicy

A bright in your face coral is Hot N Spicy. Coral is a color that I find difficult to pull off. But because this has a very pinky undertone it is one that actually works on me.

Catrice Ultimate Colour 320 Kiss Kiss Hibiscus

A good, bright pink is a must have in any make up collection to brighten up those spring and summer days. Kiss Kiss Hibiscus is absolutely stunning and I love wearing it with a more neutral eye and minimal face make up for that extra intense pop of color.

Catrice Ultimate Colour 420 Plum Fiction

One thing I hoped Catrice would do is create some good dark lip colors. Plum Fiction is exactly that: a great plum shade. I just wish it was less creamy and more matte.

Catrice Ultimate Colour 450 Legend’Berry

Legend’Berry was the first dark red lip by Catrice I purchased. It is a good shade and definitely a dark intense red, rather than a berry I think. Don’t let the name fool you! Again, I wished it was more matte than creamy as I like my dark intense shades to have zero shine.

What is your favorite Catrice lipstick shade?

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