Lush store opening The Hague

Last Friday the biggest Lush in The Netherlands opened its doors in the center of The Hague. And I was there. One of my blogging friends, Jolanda, was in New York and offered for someone to take her place. I of course gladly accepted. This Lush is the first of its kind in The Netherlands. It is the biggest and most unique as it sells products no other Lush in our country is selling yet. The store also feature skincare and hair labs and a ‘party room’ where you can book a session to make your own Lush products. All in all, it sounded like an exciting opening.

Lush store opening The Hague

At 10 AM sharp the employees of the store came outside to cut the ribbon and officially open the store. There was live music and lots of happy faces. I believe they even flew in some of their UK colleagues to help ensure the opening went smoothly.

After a short count down the store was finally opened. Apart from regular visitors there was a bunch of press to capture every moment of the new store. And I was one of those press people. Jolanda, thanks again for allowing me to take your place.

The first display that caught my eye when I stepped into the store were the soaps that laid off to the right.

Followed by a display of Christmas limited edition products. The store has big and has a lot of open space. Such a difference from most Lush stores I ever visited. They are usually small and I’m always afraid of knocking over some of the carefully created displays. That will not be the case in this Lush store as all the product has ample space to be displayed with neat sections for each type of product Lush sells.

Case in point: this vintage fragrance corner. A Lush employee told me that most of the furniture in the store are all vintage or spruced up second hand. This truly helps to liven up the atmosphere and it’s something that befits the store and the brand.

I fell in love with the skincare trial station in the back of the store. How stunning is this? Apart from trying out skincare, this station is meant to be used for workshops as well.

Skincare is one of my favorite products by Lush. I have sworn by Angels on Bare Skin for years and also the Bûche de Noël limited edition cleanser for Christmas is one I’ve tried and loved.

The fresh face mask are beautifully displayed as well. You may notice the tiled sinks that you could also see in the skincare trial station. I instantly fell in love with them. It truly adds a clean touch. It is almost like walking into an old fashioned apothecary.

A unique product for sale last Friday was the Lush mouth wash. Which I of course had to try. This product is normally only sold at the Lush store on Oxford Street, but for the opening of the store 250 bottles had been shipped as a one time only deal. The store clerk expected them to sell out quickly and I tried some too, but I didn’t enjoy the mouthfeel of the product all that much.

Across from the skincare there is a huge wall filled with make up. You know I had to hold back and not swatch everything.

One thing that makes this Lush special is the hair lab. Here you can try out hair products before you buy them and get advice on which products are best for you. You will find this hair lab on the second floor together with the party room. Here you can make your own Lush products and they can be booked as part of a package. More information in store.

Also to be found upstairs: bath bomb central. If there is one product Lush is known for it’s their bath bombs so it is only suitable they have a floor pretty much to themselves.

Unfortunately I do not have a bath at this point, but I always want to try their products. I was lucky enough to stay in a hotel room with a bath once and was finally able to try out some of their bath bombs. It was divine.

Another handy feature of the store is a number of sinks specifically designed to demonstrate the workings of different bath bombs. Where the previous Lush store has to make do with metal tubs, there are now 4 square sinks that make it so much easier to show how products work.

Yep, this Lush store is quite possibly one of the best ones I’ve ever seen. It is spacious, has some unique features and it’s so much easier to browse now. You can find this new Lush store at: Spuistraat 3, The Hague.

What is your favorite Lush product?

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  1. Wat een mooi verslag Maaike! Heerlijk zo’n ruime winkel, jammer dat het bij mij niet om de hoek is…

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