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Always near the beginning of the month of December I bring out my Christmas decorations. This year, I again went about things in a slightly different way from other years. First of all because I bought some new bits and pieces, but mostly as well because I just like changing things up. Which is why I thought it would be good to show you how I decorated my living space for Christmas.

Christmas 2016 home decor

Christmas 2016 home decor

I love a good bit of Christmas decorations to get the coziness going. I hate the dark and dreary days leading up to Christmas and I love hanging up lots of lights to give my space some much needed brightness. I don’t have space for an actual tree, so I have to be a little bit creative but I have come up with quite a good way of still being able to decorate a smallish space for the Holiday season. I will tell you where I got everything from below the pictures.

Lights in jewelry box: box Xenos | lights Xenos | jewelry broken necklaces from my own collection
Lights in jar: jar H&M | lights Xenos & Kruidvat
Snowflake lights: large Ikea | small Hema

Lights! My number one concern when it comes to Christmas I need some lights. This is the time of year I start burning candles, candlelights and I switch on those LED strings. I kept the jar and jewellry box with lights out throughout the year and I decided to just bring them out for Christmas again. I already owned the larger snowflake lights, but this year I spotted some small ones at Hema, which I couldn’t pass up.

Bronze star baubles | H&M Home
Red sequin baubles | H&M Home
Bejeweled snowflakes | H&M Home
Frosted bauble | Xenos
Mini stocking | Flying Tiger

Silver stars | H&M Home
Iridescent heart bauble | Hema
Glass bauble with red sequins | H&M Home
Glass round pine cone bauble | H&M Home
Start lights | Xenos
Silver beaded bauble | H&M Home
Mini stocking | Flying Tiger

Rounded lights | Hema
Star light | Hema
Glass pine cone bauble | H&M Home
Glass bauble with red sequins | H&M Home
Silver bell | Flying Tiger
Candy cane bauble | Xenos
Silver beaded bauble | H&M Home

Silver bell | Flying Tiger
Star with bells | Xenos
Glass bauble with winter landscape | Hema
Wire string | Søstrene Grene

The next step consisted of baubles. Lots and lots of baubles. I already mentioned not having space for a tree, so I simply hung some larger baubles around my place from some wire strings. I initially had the ambition to wrap them in ribbon to make them look fancier, but that proved harder than I thought. So I ended up just hammering some nails into my bookcases and shelves and then wrapped the wire around it. It is sturdy enough to hold a few baubles, but I also tried to be careful and hung my glass baubles mainly in places where I wouldn’t be able to knock them over.

Mini Christmas tree | Hema
Red ribbon | Flying Tiger
Glitter ribbon (used as tinsel) | Flying Tiger
Smalles red baubles | Wibra
All other baubles | Hema

But even in a small space you can have a Christmas tree. In fact, I have two this year. Last year I didn’t bother and only put one up, but this year I wanted to go all out again. I also found some new mini baubles to go into my mini trees, which probably helped my inclination for putting both up. In short, I just vamped these up with some extra baubles, but mostly used stuff I already had.

To give you an overview of what some of this looks like when it’s dark: voilá! I love lighting up each corner of my living space in the winter time and my bookcase is the best example. I love how cozy this looks! I also like burning some small candles in little candle holder all over the place as well. I also have a weird inclination to always buy them in pairs, so most of these are scattered around the place in pairs, but I have 17 of these things all over the place.

Then I also have a few candles on my mantelpiece. Since it’s right in the center of my space, it is nice to place some candles on there as well. For a long time I never lighted candles because of my asthma, but I can now cope with it again. I also light up my lava and glitter lamp, both of which I have had for years. The candles, Buddha and candle sticks I have had for years so I have no clue anymore where they are from. Only the little candle holder with the black candle in it. That is from Hema and is a recent purchase.

How did you decorate your home for Christmas this year?

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