Catrice 24 H Made to Stay foundation

If you’ve been following my blog this past week, then you may have expected a review like this. Catrice has launched their Spring/ Summer 2017 line and I got my hands on quite a few goodies. I decided to first start trying out the foundation as that was the product that intrigued me most. I wore it all week last week and really put this stuff to the test. I even wore it to dance class and the gym just to see how this would hold up. Because when a foundation claims to be ‘Made to Stay’ then that is a feature that of course needs to be tested!

Catrice 24 H Made to Stay Make Up foundation Waterproof 005 Ivory Beige review

Catrice 24 H Made to Stay Make Up foundation Waterproof 005 Ivory Beige

Generally I like Catrice foundations as they are affordable and they always come up with something new. The shade range can be a bit disappointing and thus many of the Catrice foundations that I’ve tried have been a hair too dark for me. This particular foundation comes in just 4 different shades it seems and retails for €6.99. I bought the lightest shade available which is 005 Ivory Beige.

The Packaging


The bottle is nicely designed. I mean for a budgetproof drugstore brand, this bottle with its matte glass and pump definitely doesn’t look cheaply made at all. This could certainly pass for a more expensive brand.

On the bottle we can also find the claims of this foundation: Lasts up to 24h, Perfect Coverage, Mattifying, Waterproof and with Anti-Oxidants. For such a cheap foundation, those are some bold claims to make, which intrigued me even more.


The bottle comes equipped with a handy pump, which makes this foundation easy to dose and also keep the product nice and air tight at all times. I do have to say that the pump can become quite messy because of the texture of the product. I suggest wiping the opening after every use or else you will just get a runny foundation mess.

The Product


Ingredient wise this is your typical silicone based foundation. The main substance is water though which makes for a nice and liquidy product that is easy to spread and blend. There seem to be some ingredients halfway through the ingredient list that could fall into the ‘anti-oxidant’ category, but truth be told I am not looking for my foundation to really do something for my skin other than cover it up. Hence I do not find it overly important what the ingredients are. As long as it doesn’t break me out or cause an allergic reaction I’m fine. Which by the way, hasn’t been the case while using this product.

Catrice 24 H Made to Stay Make Up foundation Waterproof 005 Ivory Beige review

As I said, the product itself is quite liquidy and runny. This is why I prefer to pump this out onto my brush and then dot it around my face, as I feel it can easily slip from your hand and onto your clothes if you don’t. And who needs a nice foundation stain in their clothing? Not me.

As you can see the coverage this product gives is decent. There is no smell that is too noticeable and while liquidy the coverage this gives is very good. Just one pump is enough to cover all of my face and as you can see in the last swatch picture, the product also blends nicely into the skin.

The Test


Before – One half – Full Face

To truly show you how well a foundation covers I always like to show the before and after as well as the halfway point. As you can see my face is quite red, but otherwise blemish free. It is a tad shiny in the forehead and nose area and it’s there that foundation usually slips off the quickest.

As you can see this foundation has a very natural finish. It is matte but not completely, which makes it a very wearable, natural looking foundation. I really enjoy the finish this gives in any case. It covers what it needs to cover and products apply well on top.


To see whether 005 Ivory Beige is the right shade for me, I did a neck test. As you can see this color blends into my neck perfectly. Which means this foundation is exactly on point shade wise.

What matters most of course is how well this foundation wears. I wore this 5 days from Monday to Friday from 7 AM to at least 6 PM on a daily basis. On Wednesday it was on my face from 7 AM till 11 PM, which was the longest wear time I put this through. And I was surprised. Not only did it stay on as promised, the rest of my face make up stayed on flawlessly too. The only point where my foundation showed some signs of wear was on the very tip of my nose, but that was it.

The Look


You will have seen this foundation is several different looks by now. I also showed it in two of my most recent videos and today I am showing you the look I made with many of the new Catrice products from when I first tried them out.

The Conclusion

The Catrice 24 H Made to Stay foundation is the best foundation Catrice has released to date. This is my fourth or fifth Catrice foundation and this one beats them all. The coverage is great, I love the finish this gives and it stays put on long, strenuous days and it even survives a minor workout. In short, I am in love with this new Catrice foundation. Here’s to hoping they don’t discontinue it straight away in their next cycle which will be up in July.

What is your favorite budget foundation?

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    • Yes I did and reviewed it too! I like the 24 H better as it is creamier in texture and has a more dewy finish. The HD liquid is more matte and powdery which doesn’t work well on my dehydrated skin.

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