Urban Decay Vice lipsticks

Last summer, Urban Decay released 100 new lipsticks in their Vice lipstick line. A revamp of their older Revolution lipsticks, the line also added some new formulas and additional colors not seen before in the Urban Decay lipstick range. I bought a few to try out their new Comfort Matte, Cream and Metallized formulas.

urban decay vice lipstick review swatch tilt backtalk gash cruel

Urban Decay Vice lipsticks
Backtalk | Gash | Tilt | Cruel

At €19.50 for 3.4 grams of product, not only are these lipsticks cheaper than the older Revolution lipsticks, they also contain more product. More than half a gram to be exact. This makes them as expensive as a MAC lipstick, but you do get .4 grams more product than with those. Plus, Urban Decay is still cruelty free whereas MAC isn’t. This makes the Urban Decay range a good contender to go up against the ever popular MAC lipsticks.

The Packaging


The Vice lipsticks come in a cardboard box which has a sticker on top to tell the shades apart. Other than that each box is identical. The range features a number of finishes, from sheers, frosts and mattes to creams, metallics and comfort mattes. There are also some crazy colors such as greens and blues, but I stuck to very wearable shades. I was very curious about the metallic lipsticks so I decided to try one that wasn’t too outrageous.


The lipsticks themselves come in a mixed metal looking tube that is made out of plastic. Looks stunning, but is very prone to finger print smudges. There is a sticker on each tube with the name and the color, but simply looking at them makes each tube look identical. If you were to own all 100 lipsticks this would make it a challenge to tell them apart, however with 4 it’s still manageable.

The Colors & Finishes


Backtalk | Comfort Matte

A shade I instantly knew I wanted to own was backtalk. I happened to walk into the store when they had just received the shipment, but weren’t allowed to sell yet. The lady in store was kind enough to show me a few and this one was her favorite. I instantly fell in love. A mauve toned pinky nude, this is one of the most wearable everyday lipstick shades one could ever wish for.


Gash | Cream

Through browsing around and perusing the testers, picking a red to try was quite easy. I already own 69 which is a very pinky toned red and Gash is deeper and more neutral to blue toned. It is definitely a blood red shade and because of its creamy finish it is extremely easy to wear. I was afraid this might slip and slide around too much, but this didn’t bleed on me and it stays put surprisingly well for a cream finish.


Tilt | Comfort Matte

Tilt was a shade I knew I wanted to have ever since I saw the line popping up online. I find oranges and corals quite difficult to pull of but something about this just attracted me. The matte finish means this lipstick stays put all day, but since it’s a comfort matte it isn’t too drying. The color is a nice bright orange that isn’t too orange. In fact, on my lips it pulls more pink toned, making this the perfect coral for my skin tone.


Cruel | Metallized

Metallic is all the rage and when I spotted this line I was intrigued but not entirely sure. This line for instance also comes with a bright fuchsia glitter called Big Bang, which looks cool but not so wearable. Cruel looked like it could be doable. A red with a pink and gold shimmery running through it, this ended up surprising me the most. This is the one in the bunch that I have worn the most so far.

The Swatches

urban decay vice lipstick review swatch tilt backtalk gash cruel

Backtalk | Gash | Tilt | Cruel

As you can see in these swatches, the pigmentation of the Urban Decay Vice lipsticks is rich and intense. All lipstick glide on like butter and have an intense color pay off that is achieved with one swipe. Only Cruel shows a bit of patchiness, but you can simply layer more on top for more intensity. It probably has to do with the shimmer.

Tilt and Backtalk have the most intense color pay off, which for mattes is a great achievement by Urban Decay. They are not difficult to apply at all and do not tug at your lips. Gash has a bit of a sheen to it, but I think it makes the lipstick look better: like a very intense fruit juice.

The Looks



As you can see in the close up lip swatch, Backtalk doesn’t nicely even out on my lips. It tends to pull into the lines of my lips, which isn’t a flattering look. From a distance however, this is no longer visible and lasting power is good. I can wear this all day to work and only touch up once in between.



See what I mean with Gash looking like juicy fruit? This is such a stunning lipstick. Yes it is bright and bold, but I feel it livens up my face and enhances my features. I usually feel that way about red lipstick and this is no exception. Wear time on this is also good, especially given that it’s a cream. Like Backtalk I only have to reapply once during a 12 hour workday.



Unlike Backtalk, Tilt doesn’t get into the fine lines of my lips as much. It is the same finish, but luckily it doesn’t have that added effect. It pulls more pinky toned on my lips which I think is why this looks flattering on. That also makes it a very unique shade in my lipstick collection. I don’t own anything like this.



Finally, Cruel looks a tad sheer on the middle of my lips in this picture, but I have worn this several times after taking these pictures and have had no issues since. It is almost as if this had some sort of layer that had to wear off first before applying to its full potential. Wear time is great, similar to Gash and it doesn’t look funny when it wears too, which can sometimes be the case with metallic lipsticks in my experience.

The Conclusion

Urban Decay’s Vice lipsticks are a great addition not only to the Urban Decay line, but to the make up world in general. If you are looking for a great lipstick in any shade imaginable, then this is a range you have to check out. I feel it is very consistent throughout different colors and finishes and it is simply a great product overall. Highly recommend!

What do you think of Urban Decay Vice lipsticks?

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  1. I much preferred the packaging of the Revolution lipsticks – they had a nice weight to them, and to me, were like pieces of art! But, I have heard the formula of the Vice lipsticks are good. Surprisingly, out of the 4 colours you got, I like Cruel best – I didn’t expect to like a metallic finish.

    • I know what you mean. The Revolution were great already but they truly outdid themselves. And yup, same here. That metallic shade is the surprise of the bunch.

  2. […] A nude that is much coveted these days is Urban Decay’s Backtalk. It is a purple toned pink that falls in their Comfort Matte range. This means this is another matte nude lipstick, but this matte formula is unique in that it is not too drying. As the name suggests this feels creamy on the lips and is in fact very comfortable to wear. The Urban Decay Vice lipsticks are some of the longest wearing lipsticks in my collection and this is no exception. You can see me wearing Backtalk in this review. […]

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