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Urban Decay’s most famous concealer is of course their Naked Skin concealer. Since that product was so hyped up, it was was sold out everywhere when I tried to get my hands on it. But then the MUA in store recommended I try their other concealer: the 24/7 concealer pencil. A lot less famous than its sister, would this still be a good product?  photo urbandecaydea1_zpsls3pj8hy.jpg

Urban Decay 24/7 Concealer Pencil DEA

This may not be the most obvious of choices when trying a new concealer. Shaped like a pencil, I’m always afraid these types of concealers are incredibly dry. At €21 it is slightly less expensive than the Urban Decay Naked Skin concealer, but it only contains 3.5 grams of product, while the Naked Skin concealer contains 5 ml. It is available in 8 shades. There is only one shade lighter than the one I have.

The Packaging

 photo urbandecaydea2_zpsirmoe8y6.jpg

As the name suggests, this concealer is a cream product, shaped like a pencil. Urban Decay recommends also purchasing their Grindhouse sharpener to sharpen it. A regular sharpener will not get through the tough plastic.

I wish this was a twist up pencil, rather than an actual pencil. When I did some research online, I heard people complaining how much product is wasted when using a sharpener on this. That is why many people recommended melting this down into a little pot once the tip wears off. I did just that, but that made the product dry down into a solid mass far too quickly.

The Shade

 photo urbandecaydea3_zpso4733lvu.jpg

DEA is quite possibly the best shade of concealer I had tried up until I bought some other high end concealers. While I love my drugstore ones, the limited shade selection often means the shade is a hair too dark or light for me. This one was spot on.

My favorite way of wearing this? Over a little bit of Bobbi Brown Correcter in Light Bisque to brighten everything up first and then this on top for coverage. It is a combination made in heaven.

The Swatch

 photo urbandecaydea4_zps7sdvelzp.jpg

Here you can see what I mean. On the left is the full on swatch of just one swipe. On the right you can see it blended out. Since this has a creamy texture, this is a very different consistency to my usual liquid concealers. Where I was afraid this might be dry and cakey looking, I found that is not the case. It adds a good amount of coverage, but blends into the skin so evenly that it looks very natural. It performed completely opposite to my initial expectations.

The Application

 photo urbandecaydea5_zpsb7ypuune.jpg

To show you the full effect, I also have some try on pictures for you. My under eye always looks better on camera than in real life, but I find it to be quite dark, with quite some blue in my inner most corner and below that, while the rest of the area always looks a little bit red.

When I apply this, my eyes look brightened and more awake, especially when layered over that Bobbi Brown Correcter. It adds enough coverage, but also stays put when you set it with powder. I found this hardly moves around and a little goes a long way. You only need a small amount to achieve a good level of coverage.

The Conclusion

 photo urbandecaydea6_zpsgj3pn8gl.jpg

I genuinely love the Urban Decay 24/7 Concealer Pencil. DEA is the perfect shade for me, it blends well, stays put all day and despite the creamy texture looks natural to boot. What’s not to like? Well that packaging that is! If they were to repackage this into a twist up pencil or a jar, I would definitely repurchase. However, right now the packaging is just a little too fussy for me to find it works well. If you can overcome that minor drawback, then this is a great concealer if you’re looking for a quick and easy product that gets the job done.

What creamy concealer do you prefer?

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  1. Oehlala! Ik heb een vloeibare van Clinique. Dit soort sticks geven bij mij vaak een droog resultaat, waarbij het de oneffenheden juist benadrukt

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