Happy Moments #7

Let’s get personal again shall we? Lately I’ve been realizing just how blessed I am and how amazing my life actually is. I’m not sure why, but before, when things got hectic, I sometimes lost track of that, but I’ve taught myself how to focus on positive things when life feels like a maelstrom. With just 3 weeks left in the school year, times are hectic. Apart from work my social life always picks up in the summer time too, so next to long days at work, I’m actually not home all that much. But that just makes me appreciate those moments even more. Here’s what currently putting a smile on my face.

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Happy moments #7

Great student reviews – At my school, all teachers are evaluated by students at the end of every term/ semester. Not everyone’s favorite thing, but I mostly appreciate the feedback. Especially if it turns out that they think you did a good job of course. I’m pleased with this year’s overall results and I can’t wait what next year will bring!

Losing weight – In the past year, I made a conscious effort to lose some weight again. I’ve been going steady, but slowly since last year August and so far so good. I can fit into most of my clothes again and I rekindled my love for fashion. It just feels so much better to dress yourself when you feel more confident in yourself. There are still a few pounds I’d like to lose, but I am in no hurry. I’d rather go slowly and steadily, than losing loads in one go to only put it back on.

Working out – One of the reasons why I’ve been losing some weight isn’t just changing my eating patterns, but also being able to finally get back to a regular workout routine. I worked hard this past year to get back into it. The past 2 years or so life just got in the way and I couldn’t get into a steady workout routine. Now that I have, I’m only more motivated to keep going. It is also a huge stress reliever for me. What helps me best is to sweat buckets or at least try to focus on my body and how it moves for an hour a few times a week, rather than getting stuck inside my head and finding no way out.

Reading – Another something that truly gets my mind off of things is a good read. I’m doing the 50 book reading challenge again and so far I’m still on track. I’d been slacking a bit these past few weeks and I haven’t read much. But that was due to a few books that left me feeling quite uninspired. Combined with busy weeks that always makes for a reading slump in my case. Perhaps I should just pick up Harry Potter again, not only to celebrate its 20th anniversary, but also because it is one of my favorite reads when times get crazy.

BBC nature shows – Accompanied by the soothing voice of the one, the only, David Attenborough. This has been my true discovery this year. It’s so soothing and calming. I watched all the series on Netflix by now and I found it strangely relaxing. I can’t wait for more. If you know of any other good series that are in that same cadence, then let me know, because I’m missing it already.

Orlando, Florida – I of course cannot miss out on adding in my work trip to Orlando last April. I mean I used a picture from that trip as a cover photo for this blog for a reason. 5 days of theme parks and rides was perhaps a bit much, but I finally got to see what all the fuss is about. Truly a highlight of 2017 for me.

Becoming a home owner – You may recall that I was looking for a house not too long ago. Well now I can finally shout it from the roof tops: I bought a house! That’s right in a few months’ time I will be moving and starting a new life in a new city in my very first own home that I am paying for with my own hard earned cash. Or as my colleague put it: congratulations on putting yourself in 30 years of debt.

It’s almost summer vacay! – Let’s finish this blog post the way it started shall we? Just three more weeks until summer vacation. I will still be doing some work during that time as I need some time off once I get the key to my new place, but there will be three weeks this summer where I can do whatever the heck I want. But I already know what I’ll do! Furniture shopping, looking at paint swatches and all that. I need to be fully prepared for when I will be moving house.

What has been putting a smile on your face lately?

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  1. Yes, it’s good to remind ourselves from time to time how GOOD we have it. It’s easy to lose sight.
    Congrats on becoming a home owner! How exciting. 🙂

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