Urban Decay Primer Potion

Let’s talk classics shall we? There are a few makeup products that are revered in the makeup world and Urban Decay’s Primer Potion is definitely one of them. It is a cult favorite and one of my all time favorite makeup products. Time to do a full review.

urban decay primer potion eyeshadow primer review swatch

Urban Decay Primer Potion

For this review I have tested the smaller travel sized version of this product. I went through two full sized versions of this back when it was still in the old ‘genie in a bottle’ packaging. That was a little impractical and it made it hard to get all the product out. I never reviewed it at the time, because it wasn’t something I was into back then. By now, however, I like reviewing every makeup item I try. And while that means it sometimes takes a while for a product to show up on the blog, it does mean I know exactly how I feel about this product. Here we go!

The Packaging

urban decay primer potion eyeshadow primer review swatch

As mentioned, this is the travel sized version of the Urban Decay Primer Potion. A full sized version costs €21.50, the travel size which contains 5 ml costs €14.50. That may till seem like a lot of money, but the travel size will last a long time. Eyeshadow primer is something I don’t use up very quickly and since I know a full size might expire before I can use it up, I decided to go with the travel size instead.

urban decay primer potion eyeshadow primer review swatch

I hadn’t tried this new style packaging yet. And while some brands skimp on their travel sized packaging, Urban Decay most certainly did not. This truly is a mini version of the original primer potion: it comes with a wand applicator and in a pliable tube. The latter is especially important as it means you can scrape very last bit out and use up every last drop. I really appreciate that.

The Product

urban decay primer potion eyeshadow primer review swatch

Now, I’d love to show you swatch of this, but unfortunately you wouldn’t be able to see much as this product pretty much goes on clear. Urban Decay also does some other shades in this that have some shine or color to them, but I prefer the clear version. The wand applicator is quite long and gets a decent amount of product on the applicator. This also makes it easy to use: I just dab it on and spread it out with my fingers and I am good to go.

The Application

urban decay primer potion eyeshadow primer review swatch


I apply this to all of my mobile lid, all the way up to my brow bone. Lately, I’ve taken to applying a paint pot over it to cancel out my natural lid color too, but I didn’t used to do that. This works very well on its own, but on my lids paint pots and cream shadows do not. So whenever I want to use one of those I always layer this underneath and it works well.

In the picture above you can see my make up right after I applied it and my make up after a full 12 hour day of wear. Hence the difference in color. I never apply primer to my bottom lash line and you can see how much the eyeshadow has smudged there. The mobile lid still look intact. Sure, it’s a little bit more smudged, but nothing has creased or pulled into any fine lines.

The Conclusion

This is a classic makeup product for a reason. The only problem with eyeshadow primers is that no eye lid is the same and while this may work well for me, it may not work for you. The oilier your lids, the more heavy duty your eyeshadow primer will have to be. For my fairly oily lids, I like this (without a primer nothing sticks to my lids!) and this has never let me down. And I think the newer style packaging is a great improvement.

What eyeshadow primer is your favorite?

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