Lush Lemony Flutter

Can we talk about a cult beauty product for minute? I don’t know about you, but if it weren’t for the online beauty community, this product would have not been on my radar. A cuticle oil or culticle cream is something that I cannot miss in my beauty routine though as my cuticles are dry at the best of times. So what do I think of this raved about product?

lush lemony flutter review

Lush Lemony Flutter

Lemony Flutter is not just a cuticle cream. It was formulated for that purpose, but in recent years Lush has been branding it as an all purpose cream that could work on any patches of super dry skin. From flaky elbows to parched shins: this thing should do the trick. I used this only on my cuticles though. It retails for €10.95 for 50 grams of product.

The Ingredients

lush lemony flutter review

One thing I love about Lush products is that they always clearly state their ingredients on their packaging. And if the sticker worries you: don’t worry, because I used this up well before it’s use by date. I just hadn’t gotten round to review this yet. But I have repurchased this several time in the past few years.

The main ingredients are lemon oil, shea butter and bees wax. It does also contain perfume, but not many other possible irritants. At least not on my skin and definitely not on the areas where I like to use this: my cuticles. This only contains 5 synthetic ingredients. Everything else is all natural and some ingredients are also fair trade.

The Product

lush lemony flutter review

So let’s talk about the product itself. When you open the jar you see a yellow, almost waxy product. But once you stick your finger in you will find it is more like a cream. It isn’t entirely smooth, but whatever particles are there dissolve when you rub this in.

Now most reviews will tell you, you will only need a little bit of this and that this product is notoriously hard to use up before the expiration date. Not for me. While I love this product, the only drawback is how quickly I use this up. If I use the recommended amount, it just doesn’t get the job done. No matter what I do, my cuticles stay dry unless I use a generous dollop of this.

What I tend to do is take a small scoop and then distribute it over my cuticles. I then rub it in. Considering the price tag, this is one pricey all over cream. If you were to use this for elbows or knees or whatever, I think this can work, but it may not be nourishing enough if you already have dry skin. My ultimate skin rescue when my skin gets dry and flaky? Old-fashioned and bog standard Nivea in the blue tin. I swear by it during cold winters.

The Conclusion

While I have repurchased this several times because I like the scent of this, I find this a rather expensive product for what it does and how long it lasts. I can use this for about 8 – 10 weeks before I run out, while my other favorite cuticle oil, the Sally Hansen cuticle oil, lasts me a good 6 months and costs €9.95. I like to have this from time to time as a bit of a splurge item, but I wouldn’t recommend for super dry skin.

What do you use on your cuticles?

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