Best cleansers for sensitive skin

Skincare is very much a trial and error ordeal and when you have sensitive skin it is even more so. It took me ages to develop a skincare routine that works for me as much of what I tried would make my skin feel worse rather than better after using a moisturizer or a cleanser. It’s why I don’t change up my routine much, if at all, and why I use up a product before moving on to the next. My skin just likes it better that way. Here are 5 cleansers that my sensitive skin loves!

best cleansers skincare sensitive skin

Best cleansers for sensitive skin

For my cleansing routine I use minimal products. I love micellar waters for taking off makeup, but to give my skin a good cleanse I like to go in with an actual cleanser.  I have tried a few and always think I should use them more often. But it’s one of those things in my routine that I feel I can skip if need be. I have however, tried all of these for longer periods of time and loved them.

Lush Angels on Bare Skin – The oldest love in my skincare life is Angels on Bare Skin. I’ve been using this for years and it was one of the first products I ever reviewed on here. I mostly use this in my shower as it is quite messy. Since it has a bit of a scrub to it, I don’t like using this too often. Just 2 – 3 times a week. I find that this has helped with clearing up pores and reducing breakouts.

Kruidvat Originals Komkommermelk (Cucumber Milk) – This is a very refreshing cleanser that works because of its simplicity. I simply put some of this on a cotton pad and it will clean my face. Great for use in the mornings, but it also works well for taking off face makeup. I find this quite nourishing, which is why I like using this in the winter time mostly when my skin can use some extra loving.

The Body Shop Aloe Vera Calming Facial Cleanser – The very first skincare range I found that worked for my skin was the Aloe Vera line at The Body Shop. This is so gentle and I always keep the cleanser and toner on hand. Not only is it a major throwback to my early beauty days, they are also great products. The cleanser lasts a long time, even with daily use and I prefer using this to take off that first layer of makeup.

Philosophy Purity Made Simple – A cult classic that I was weary off. Many skincare hypes have not worked for me as they are not right for my skin type. However, I had a sample size of this and loved it. I used it on vacation and found it not only cleansed my face, but was also super gentle. I immediately bought a small bottle once I ran out. Only the small one though: I have so many beauty products, that I knew it would take a while for me to get to this.

Lush Ultrabland – I am not a fan of oil cleansers. They are messy and often don’t get everything off and leave a greasy layer on my skin. Lush Ultrabland works well for me for some reason. A little goes a long way and I find this incredibly nourishing in the winter time when my skin gets extra dry and sensitive. Needless to say: I have a back up for this as I just don’t want to run out of it.

What cleanser do you recommend for sensitive skin?

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    • Thanks for the tip! I’ve tried it and loved it but I can’t find it in any local stores. Found mine in Paris at the time and haven’t been there in 3 years!

  1. The purity cleanser used to be my favorite! I’ve been using Boscia black charcoal cleanser the last few months because it’s been summer where I live and my skin is more oily/less sensitive during this time. In winter when it’s super dry and sensitive I always reach for natural cleansing milks like the one by OSEA.

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