Catrice Strobing blush

You know I love a berry blush for the fall. So when Catrice released their new Strobing blushes as part of their Fall/ Winter 2017 update, I knew that this berry number would be right up my alley. Of course the formula was a new one, so I decided to give it a whirl. I believe these have replaced the Illuminating blushes they used to do. So how do these compare? Catrice Strobing blush review swatch mrs rosalie berry

Catrice Strobing Blush 020 Mrs. Rosalie Berry

The older Illuminating blushes are some of my favorite Catrice blushes. Despite the name, these aren’t super shimmery, but do have a bit of glow to them. Personally, I love matte blushes, but I like a bit of a glowy look from time to time. At €3.99 this isn’t a very expensive product at all and if this works as well as some of the other Catrice blushes I’ve tried, then this will be a great product.

The Packaging
Catrice Strobing blush review swatch mrs rosalie berry

The compact isn’t anything that special. It’s just a straightforward plastic compact. The lid is transparent, making it easy to find a shade if you have more than a hand full of blushes. The compact is sleek, which makes this easy to store and I love how Catrice gives all the room to the product and not something I won’t use anyway such as a brush or a mirror.

The Blush

Catrice Strobing blush review swatch mrs rosalie berry

The blush itself is where the party is at. Look at that stunning print! You have to hand it to Catrice, for a budget brand they know very well how to make products look appealing. The blush is made up of four different shades that run from light berry to a deeper berry. This means that depending on where you place your brush, you will get a lighter or deeper blush tone. I prefer to swirl everything together for a glowy berry blush.

The Swatch

Catrice Strobing blush review swatch mrs rosalie berry

For the swatch I decided to show you each shade individually and then on the far right, you can see the blush when it is swirled all together. You can clearly see this way that some parts of the blush contain more shine than others. The undertone of each shade is different too: some of the colors look more peachy, while others look more berry. The final result is a pretty color.

To the touch, this blush doesn’t feel very soft. It’s a tad stiff, but the color pay off is still great. Nothing too intense, which means that you can use this generously and it’s difficult to go overboard. Since it is a darker shade though, I still only need a little bit for this to show up, but that’s because I’m so fair. Wear time is good: it compares to other Catrice blushes I’ve tried, but I typically have little problems with blush disappearing on me.

The Application

Catrice Strobing blush review swatch mrs rosalie berry

Above you can see my cheek before the use of the blush. Below is my cheek after blush. This is definitely quite an intense shade on me, but I like it. It gives a pretty rosy flushed look. I like those shades in the fall and winter time as it mimics the look you get from being outside on a cold day. This is a blush that adds quite some color to my face, which is why this is a good product for me if I want to go bolder or when I’m wearing little eye make up and want a more intense cheek look.

The Conclusion

Catrice Strobing blush review swatch mrs rosalie berry

Like many other Catrice blushes before it, the new Strobing blushes are Maaike approved. This isn’t anything groundbreaking or super special, but if you are looking for a pretty berry blush than this is definitely a shade to go for. The blush itself works well and at this price point it is definitely worth a purchase.

What Catrice blush is your favorite?

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