Motivation & productivity | Tips & tricks

I juggle a job, a blog, a personal life and regular workouts. In the mean time I try to cook as often as I can, watch Netflix, do housework, read books and do lots of other things on the side. Sometimes it’s just good to go back to basics and regroup and think of how I keep doing it all. These are my tips & tricks to staying motivated and remaining productive.  motivation & productivity tricks & tips

Motivation & productivity | Tips & tricks

Rule no. 1 to keep going is to unplug, unwind and literally do nothing for a change as well. My no. 1 tip to staying motivated and productive is to plan downtime. What downtime is differs per person. But for me that is a cup of tea, a bag of chocolate cookies and a book/ tv series/ youtube videos. I need to do that at least once a week to prevent a complete energy drain. It’s usually times when I do ‘nothing’ i.e. vacations or days off that I get the most ideas for blog posts and the like.

Tip no. 2 would be to do things you love. Doing things you actually enjoy doing makes life so much easier. I love my job, I love blogging and I love going to the gym. These are things I like making time for. In fact, whenever I’m not working, blogging or going to the gym, I often find myself uneasy if I go without it for a while. For instance, due to the move, I still have to find a gym in my new home town. So regular workouts are currently out of the question and I find myself lusting after a good bodycombat class.

My third tip would be to have a routine. I like taking 30 – 60 minutes out of my day to blog. So I plan that into my day and have developed my night time routine around it. I can’t sit on the couch doing nothing knowing I still have a blog to write, so I like doing that in the early evening, right after dinner, or first thing in the morning on my days off. That way, I no longer have to ‘worry’ about something going live. I also like having a packed lunch at the ready at night and lay out clothes and makeup to have an easier start to my day as well.

To stay productive, I like to have a bit of a plan as well. I am not big on to do lists, but I plan out my blog posts and videos each week ahead of time and I do something similar at work. I will plan my activities and will ‘reward’ myself when I’m done. That way I can also keep a balance between busy and slow times as well. Whether it’s leaving work early to grab a Starbucks at the station, to buying a new eyeshadow palette or just having a nice little lie in: the options are endless, but having a little treat yourself moment every now and again is a must.

I am generally a person who is easy to motivate, but having a set goal in mind always makes life easier. I found it easier to save up money, knowing it would be put towards the move. I find it easier going to the gym and making healthy food choices when I notice it works and I am losing weight and feeling more fit and healthy. Having that pair of pants to fit into or that one event to look forward to, also helps to keep the eye on the horizon and get stuff done.

What do you do to stay motivated and productive?

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  1. Yes girl I can relate but my thing to keep me motivated and it might be cheesy but it’s my passion for blogging..I might take a break from posting for a minute but I’ll never be MIA. 🙂

  2. Maaike,

    This post aligns so well with everything that I ever preach on my own blog… Self-care and planning downtime are so importnat to avoid burnout. Find your passions and fit them into your routine! Love it!


  3. omg yes. i try to do many of these tips daily. so glad WordPress is a great avenue to create your own space motivation ❤❤❤

  4. Great post. I’m glad I found your blog! 🙂 Do you find time to write nearly every single day?

    Well, it’s difficult to stay motivated and productive sometimes, isn’t it? I get up early, if I can at 5-6am, before my child wakes up to have some Me Time for writing. It is difficult sometimes but it’s worth it. Please have a look at my blog posts if you have time too 🙂 I like to read & write about productivity and motivation.

  5. The best thing I do is a morning routine. No mobile phone for at least 45 minutes. I get up stretch, do a few press ups and core exercises and then meditate. After you feel like you have accomplished something in the morning you’re more likely to be productive. I also journal every night and that helps give me a kick up the butt. Great article by the way.

  6. Love this. It’s simple really… Block out time for the things you love every day and stick to it. People needlessly overcomplicate it but that’s all it comes down to. Thank you for sharing! An excellent reminder.

    • Thank you! And yes, I’m a firm believer in doing what you love and making time for that. It’s too easy to get caught up in things that cost energy rather than give energy.

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