Updated nailcare routine

Confession time: I haven’t really done my nails in a while. I just haven’t been able to take the time and give them a good pamper. Besides, my nails have been coping well on their own accord for the past couple of months too. Which is strange, because my nails were the weakest, most fragile things for the longest time. That is why I think it is still a good idea to show you how I cared for my nails to get them to this condition and also tell you what I am still using to keep them that way.

updated nailcare routine

Updated nailcare routine

Bourjois 1 Second nail polish remover – The best nail polish remover? This polish remover in a pot. Acetone free and gentle for the nail, this gets the job done quickly and is fuss free. I generally repurchase one of these twice a year and that way I always have one handy for quick and easy polish removal.

Sally Hansen  cuticle remover – Sometimes I like removing cuticles. And that is a two step process. I used to use one by a different brand (I have forgotten which one) and had a hard time finding a new one. This one works well and isn’t too aggressive.

Hérôme nail file – This is an item I still use regularly. Filing is so much better than cutting your nails and I have found that a glass file takes the cake. I have had this for year and keep a mini version in my work bag for emergencies.

The Body Shop Cuticle cream – An item that has been empty for years, but that that I still use for the flexible top to push back my cuticles from time to time. This is my second step in my cuticle removal process. First I apply the remover, then I let it sit and afterwards push back my cuticles using this.

Trind Keratin Nail Restorer – One of the biggest game changers in my nailcare routine are the two Trind products. This Nail Restorer helps to condition the nails. If your nails are dry and brittle like mine used to be, then this is a great first step to condition the nails. Use this liberally, let it sit and then rub it in. That’s all it takes!

Trind Nail Hardener – Game changer no. 2 was this nail hardener. For a while I used this as a base coat, but I found this doesn’t protect the nail from the staining that can happen with darker polishes. But this works miracles for strengthening the nails and making them less bendy and brittle.

Orly Polish Bond – The best base coat for me? Orly Polish bond! It has been ever since this product ran out that I have been doing my nails less. Perhaps there is a link? What this does is adhere your polish to the nail much better. I find my nail polish lasts a tid bit longer when using this, but it mainly helps to protect the nail from damage from the nail polish.

Sally Hansen Insta-Dri top coat – I have used several top coats: Seche Vite, INM Out the Door, but the best one and most easily available for me is the Sally Hansen Insta-Dri. This is the best fast drying top coat. It doesn’t shrink your polish and it doesn’t become gloopy halfway through the bottle either.

Sally Hansen Cuticle Oil – A product I cannot be without is a good cuticle oil. Because even if I do not do my nails at this point in time, I still like to slather on the oil to keep them nourished. I sincerely think that this has been what has been keeping my nails strong and not in dire need of a coat of polish. I use this every night before bed time and it just keeps my nails so much healthier.

The Body Shop Body Butter – Last but not least, a good hand cream is a must. But I haven’t used a standard hand cream for a while now. I have been using Body Butters instead. And they work just as well! The Vineyard Peach scent is one of my all time favorites, but I am currently making my way through a Shea Butter version.

How do you take care of your nails?

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    • Hi Laura, since your e-mail asks me to write a testimonial on a service that I have no experience with, your request is not in line with my blog and what I try to do here. That is why I did not reply.

      • Hi Maaike, thank you for getting back to me. I think you may have misunderstood my e-mail, as that was definitely not what was proposed. I’ll cross you off my list as not being interested though, then I won’t bother you again 🙂 Thanks again for getting back here.

      • No problem! My main reason is that I cannot promise to write a testimonial to be used on your social media channels before I have actually tried the services your company offers. What if I don’t like it?

      • Hi Maaike, You would of course get to try us out first – if you don’t like it, then you of course don’t need to use it and no testimonial would needed to be written, so in that sense, there’s nothing to lose really. It’s basically a free testing sample if you would be interested 🙂

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