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Affordable makeup is a great thing to try and if there is one brand that is known for their affordable products, it’s Make Up Revolution. They may be best known for their eyeshadow palettes. You know the ones? Those that blatantly dupe other, more expensive palettes? Or the ones that give you 32 shades? Yup, we’re talking that brand today. But after from eyeshadow this brand does so much more. Today I’m reviewing one of their blushes for you.

make up revolution blush now review swatch

Make Up Revolution Blush Now!

This product was gifted to me by my friend Alison who lives in the UK. She bought me this because she knows that I am A) Makeup Obsessed and B) I like trying new things. And with an affordable product like this, I cannot pass up a try. Because affordable this is. Take a guess what this blush would cost you in the UK drugstore… One whole pound! One! That is €1.10 or $1.33 in today’s currency conversion. So for that one pound: is this blush not only affordable but is it also good?

The Packaging

make up revolution blush now review swatch

I’m not going to lie. This packaging feels flimsy and hella cheap. You can see whether they skimped on the money and decided to cut some corners. You get a white container with a clear lid. The clear lid I like as you can clearly see the product and it is also very slim and therefore easy to handle and carry around if need be. But the packaging doesn’t feel sturdy and the closure on this comes undone easily too. So be careful when you end up deciding to travel with this.

The Product

make up revolution blush now review swatch

For one pound you get 2.4 grams of product. That is less than most blushes. I had a quick browse around my stash and found that most blushes come in around the 5 gram mark with affordable brand Catrice taking the cake and giving you a whopping 8 grams of product for €4. So you may pay less money, but you also get less product.

But the quality of this though! This blush packs a good deal of pigmentation and I love the shade my friend picked out. It’s that perfect muted, dusty pink shade I love. And that is also the only reason I ended up decluttering this in my Blush Declutter. I simply have too many of these shades in my stash already.

The Swatch

make up revolution blush now review swatch

Don’t believe me? Well here is the blush (on the left) swatched next to an eyeshadow. Hello pigmentation. The blush is a tad powdery though so tapping off your brush is a good idea. It is not chalky though and you have to be careful not too apply too much of this and look like a clown. For a light, dusty pink, this blush seriously packs a punch.

The formula of this blush felt quite dry, hence the powderiness. I found that this blush wore well on my skin, but I mostly don’t have many problems with blush fading on me throughout the day. So lasting power was well on my dry to normal skin. Application went smoothly too, but like I said, it is easy to overdo it.

The Application

make up revolution blush now review swatch

With a light hand, this is the final result. On the left you can see my bare face. On the right I have applied the blush. Using a little bit of product gives off a pretty natural flushed look that is perfect year round. On my fair complexion the shade can be a bit much, but I think if you have medium to tan skin, this blush can still work on you. It is just a pretty, natural, everyday color that with suit many different people.

The Conclusion

make up revolution blush now review swatch

While hardly anybody talks about the Make Up Revolution blushes, I think that it’s a shame. This is seriously a good product. The only reason I no longer have this is because I have too much that is similar to this shade. Other than that, packaging issues aside, this Make Up Revolution blush is a great little unsung gem that is perfect for anyone on a budget or who just needs a good basic blush.

What is the cheapest blush you own?

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