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Today’s blog is a special one. A) I wrote it with a mouse and my phone, because my keyboard went down. B) It is on a product that is very much raved about. The IT Cosmetics Your Skin but Better CC Cream is a cult favorite. And for good reason I’ve found: I am absolutely lovin’ it. it cosmetics cc cream fair foundation review swatch

IT Cosmetics Your Skin but Better CC Cream Fair

A US only product, this is one that many beauty gurus rave about. Despite the name, this is much more of a foundation than a cc cream. But it is marketed as a foundation with a high SPF and skincare benefits. It retails for $38, which makes this a higher end product. 

The Packaging

it cosmetics cc cream fair foundation review swatch

The It Cosmetics CC cream is known for its clever packaging. The outside box is nothing special, but the actual container is a tube with a pump. 

The Ingredients

it cosmetics cc cream fair foundation review swatch

What this product is mostly known for is its high factor 50 broad spectrum SPF. This is supposed to be full coverage and have anti-aging properties. 

Besides water, one of the man ingredients is snale secretion which explains its price tag AND the supposed skincare properties. Since I have sensitive skin, foundations can be a bit tricky but I’ve used it every day for 2 full weeks now and so far so good.

The Pump

it cosmetics cc cream fair foundation review swatch

One of the unique selling points of this product is the pump/ tube combo. It should make it easier to get all the product out. Additionally, this makes for much more hygienic packaging. So it’s a double whammy on the packaging front. 

The Swatch

it cosmetics cc cream fair foundation review swatch

The first thing I noticed about this is the consistency. It is a rather thick foundation: it is definitely a cream formula. And that is why this has been working well for my skin. As the weather got colder, I was in for something richer on my dry skin and this works really well indeed.

Something I had to get used to was the scent. This has a fresh, zesty scent to it and it is nice, but I prefer makeup that is unscented. This lasts well on my dry, dehydrated skin, doesn’t pull into fine lines and with a powder it looks nice for a long time too. 

The Applicationit cosmetics cc cream fair foundation review swatch

On the left is my bare face. On the right you can see the It Cosmetics CC Cream applied to half of my face. Coveragr is good and my favorite to apply this is with a beauty blender and my fingers. It has a natural look to it, blends in nicely and looks like actual skin despite the coverage. 

it cosmetics cc cream fair foundation review swatch

The final result is a great base that works well for my current makeup needs. I see a difference in wear time compared to some of my other foundations. The shade is a pretty good match, but fair is the lightest shades they do unfortunately. That is the only bad thing about this: the shade range is horrendous as it comes in just 4 or 5 shades.

The Conclusion

it cosmetics cc cream fair foundation review swatch

Would I repurchase the It Cosmetics CC cream? I most definitely would! This is a great product for my skin and foundation needs. It’s a little much for the summer time though as it is quite rich and creamy. So if you have oily skin this may not be for you, but this works well on drier and dehydrated skin. 

What cc or bb cream is your favorite?

24 responses to “It Cosmetics CC cream”

  1. I do not know this brand.
    I am looking als for a good cc cream…..
    But I want to look by the bigist make-up department store….
    Have you been already there to take a look?
    It’s like a big candy shop.
    There is no brand that they don’t sell ;-)\


    • You mean Hudson’s Bay? Haven’t been to the Rotterdam one yet, but the one in Leiden opened just before I left. I am planning a shop + thorough exploration of the city center in my Christmas break.

  2. Yet another rave review! It looks great on you. I do like the tube + pump combo – I had a BB cream like that and I was able pump almost every drop out:

    I simply cannot justify buying this right now but I promise myself that I will in 2018! I really like the Skin79 hot pink BB cream although it does have that traditional Korean grey cast (for whitening appearance) but I like the coverage and it wears wonderfully on the skin.

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