10 x grey

I’m bringing back an old school series to the blog. At one point in time, I had this grant idea to list my 10 favorite makeup products that contain my favorite makeup in one particular shade. I did a 10x burgundy and a 10x coral for instance. I decided to update the pictures and show you a new 10x … blog post. This is 10x grey.  10 x grey

10 x grey

With grey it is of course a little difficult to add products that go beyond eye products. Granted, grey lipstick is a thing, but I haven’t found many that look that great on me. That is why most of my favorite grey makeup items are eyeshadow palettes. I used to include nail polish in these posts as well, but as I haven’t been wearing much nail polish as of late, I chose not to add any here. I am trying to get back into wearing nail polish though. So stay tuned, because I want to do more nail polish related posts again soon.

Marc Jacobs Style Eye Con The Starlet eyeshadow palette – Sadly discontinued, as Marc Jacobs reformulated their eyeshadow palettes and came out with all new shades. But this is one of my first and favorite metallic eyeshadow palettes to begin with. That pewter grey on the far right of the palette is stunning and makes for a great smoky eye over a dark base.

Stila Eyes are the Window of the Spirit eyeshadow palette – This is a palette that I think deserves more love. It’s got a mix of everything and would be great for a beginner who is trying makeup for the first time. Not only is the packaging stunning, it also has one of the best dark grey shades on the planet. I love greys with a blueish undertone and this is just that.

Urban Decay Naked Basics 2 eyeshadow palette – One of my favorite basic eyeshadow palette is not the Naked Basics original, but its more cool toned sister Naked Basics 2. This I will travel with and that deepest shade is perfect as a bit of liner with any of my looks.

Hema eyeliner – Eyeline wise I am not too adventurous, but this Hema eyeliner is one of my favorites. It’s creamy, it smudges nicely and then sets and won’t budge. A great addition to a smokey look indeed or if you just need to darken up your waterline a little bit.

LA Splash OG Ghoulish liquid lipstick – The only product that I haven’t yet reviewed is my one and only flattering straight up grey lipstick. OG Ghoulish is as the name would suggest a ghoulish shade. A straight up grey with a hint of brown, this is surprisingly flattering with cool toned looks.

Bite Beauty Amuse Bouche lipstick Thistle – My only other grey toned lipstick that I think looks good on me and that I actually wear very often when I want a nude that isn’t a nude (if you catch my drift) is Thistle by Bite Beauty. The formula of these is great, I cannot stress that enough, and I love how they do some more unusual shades. For an unusual shade this is actually surprisingly wearable.

Inglot Freedom System eyeshadow palettes – The Inglot palettes were raved about way back in the day and that is when I bought these. Since then, these have doubled in price and I don’t necessarily think they are worth the money anymore. Still, I have two palettes that feature some of the most stunning grey shades on the planet. One is a stunning charcoal with a hint of plum and the other has a flash of purple in some lights. Definitely some of the more unique shades in my collection.

Urban Decay Naked 2 eyeshadow palette – One of my favorite eyeshadow palettes of all time is Urban Decay Naked 2. There are a few shades in here that I am close to hitting pan on and I will reach for this when I am craving a cool toned look. Pistol is the silver toned grey that dreams are made of.

Urban Decay Naked Smoky eyeshadow palette – Finally there is Naked Smoky. Not my favorite palette, but the only reason why I keep it around is for the two dark grey shades: Slanted and Dagger. To me, that pairing makes for the perfect flattering smokey eye on me.

What are your favorite grey makeup products?

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  1. Oh man… too faced used to have this silver and black duo way back in the day and I LOVED it. It’s to this day the BEST silver/Grey Eyeshadow I have tried on record.

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