Urban Decay Beached Bronzer

It’s still cold outside, but we have been having some sunfilled days and that means that spring is also in the air. Personally I cannot wait for the nicer weather to come round. Nice weather means better temperatures, vacation and lots of time for exploring the city. You know what it also means? Being able to wear this bronzer by Urban Decay.

urban decay beached bronzer sunkissed review swatch

Urban Decay Beached Bronzer Sunkissed

This bronzer by Urban Decay was first launched as a limited edition, but quickly became permanent. It is available in two shades: one has a red undertone, the other a yellow one. There is also a difference between the depth of the two shades: one is decidedly lighter than the other. It does cost a pretty penny. The Beached Bronzer costs around €31.

The Packaging

urban decay beached bronzer sunkissed review swatch

The thing you will notice immediately is that the packaging of this bronzer is very tropical looking but I find it quite a break with the usual edgy style Urban Decay uses to stylize their brand. The compact is quite sleek and easy to carry around. There is a large mirror in the lid which makes it easy to take this with you if need be and touch up your makeup.

The Bronzer

urban decay beached bronzer sunkissed review swatch

Sunkissed is the lightest shade of the two available. The other is called Bronzed. Sunkissed has a red undertone, which makes this exceptionally suitable for the summer time. When you tan from the sun, and you are fair, your skin will always have this red undertone to it, rather than a golden undertone. This mimics that look flawlessly. If you are deeper and your tan is more golden, then Bronzed is a better pick.

The Swatches

urban decay beached bronzer sunkissed review swatch

When you look at this in the pan, it looks quite intimidating. It looks quite dark and that is why this works best on me in the summer time. On my pale winter skin this can look a little bit weird as it stands out too much. However, as you can see in the swatch on the right, this bronzer blends out very nicely and gives a nice glowing look to the skin. The texture of this bronzer is sublime. It is finely milled and blends easily. The staying power is good and this lasts a full day on my skin.

The Application

urban decay beached bronzer sunkissed review swatch

On the left: my face without bronzer. On the right: my face with bronzer. I took these pictures during the summer time to ensure that the product would work well with my skin tone. On my summer skin, this looks very pretty: it complements my skin tone well, it adds enough warmth and it makes my skin look a lot healthier and defined.

The Conclusion

urban decay beached bronzer sunkissed review swatch

Yes, the Urban Decay Beached Bronzer in Sunkissed is a great bronzer, even if you have fair skin. The red undertone makes it perfect for that sunkissed look and the name therefore couldn’t be more apt. The quality is most certainly there and therefore it is well worth the slightly steep price tag.

What bronzer is your favorite one?

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  1. […] Urban Decay Beached Bronzer Sunkissed – A bronzer I definitely can only pull out in the summer time is this one by Urban Decay. This has a very clear reddish undertone. That is stunning as it makes your bronzer look like you have been caught by the sun. In the summer time that looks stunning especially if you have a bit of a tan. In the winter it can look very off though, which is why I use this exclusively towards the end of the summer time. The shade is also a hint too dark for me, but it blends out nicely which means this never looks too intense or muddy. […]

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