L’Oreal True Match (reformulated)

It took ages for me to try the reformulated version of the European L’Oreal True Match. This was released a while ago, but since I wasn’t a fan of the shade selection, I hadn’t bought it yet. But then some shades came out and became available at my local drugstore and so I finally decided to bite the bullet.  l'oreal true match foundation review swatch n1 ivory ivoire

L’Oreal True Match Super-Blendable Foundation N1 Ivory

My reason for being apprehensive about purchasing the reformulated version was its price point. This foundation retails for €16.99, which is a lot of money for a drugstore foundation. I tried the original version in a lighter shade: R1/C1. I loved it, but in the end I found it was a bit too pink. I discovered that when I tried the US version in N2. N stands for neutral and I have a neutral undertone, so when the neutral undertoned foundation finally made its way here, I knew I wanted to try it.

The Packaging

l'oreal true match foundation review swatch n1 ivory ivoire

What I love about this new rendition is the packaging. The first European version was already better than the US one. The US one doesn’t even have a pump which makes it a super messy foundation to use. The European one already had a pump, but this bottle looks a lot more sleek, chic and sophisticated.

The Comparison

l'oreal true match foundation review swatch n1 ivory ivoire

On the left: L’Oreal True Match original in R1/ C1 Rose Ivory
On the right: L’Oreal True Match reformulated in N1 Ivory

When it comes to the formula, I don’t really see a big difference. What I do notice is the amount of product. My one critique of the original formula is how much product was dispensed, which for me, was too much. The new pump dispenses clearly less product and that is a good thing as it is easier to control.

The shade is of course completely different. N1 is a much better shade for me than R1/C1. In terms of lightness, they are just as light, but the undertone is a lot better. So I’m glad L’Oreal finally decided to make more shades available. Sadly, not all stores sell all the shades and your best bet is trying to go online as there more shades are available.

The Swatch

l'oreal true match foundation review swatch n1 ivory ivoire

This drugstore foundation is known for it’s lightweight formula. It is quite liquidy: it starts to run quite easily. As it blends out you can see that this will probably give light to medium coverage at most. This is definitely not a full coverage foundation. Once blended out completely, the finish is slightly dewy, but more on the satin side of things.

The Application

l'oreal true match foundation review swatch n1 ivory ivoire

Whenever I test out foundation, I like to do a side by side comparison of  my bare face vs half my face covered by the foundation. This shows the coverage of the foundation quite nicely. I would say this foundation has nice coverage: light to medium. Depending on how you apply this, you can achieve a different level of coverage and you can layer this if you like.

The Shade Match

l'oreal true match foundation review swatch n1 ivory ivoire

While the full face picture here on the right may seem a bit pale and pasty, when I compare the shade to my neck, it is pretty spot on. My neck is a lot paler than my face, so in order to not get that mask like effect around the neckline, I have to wear quite pale foundations. In fact, at this moment this foundation is a hair too dark for me. Here you can also see the finish quite nicely: dewy, but not too glowy.

The Conclusion

l'oreal true match foundation review swatch n1 ivory ivoire

The reformulated version of the L’Oreal True Match is still a good foundation. Product wise I don’t notice a big change, but the packaging of this is definitely a step up. Is it worth the high price point? I’m not sure. I mostly buy L’Oreal and similar brands on offer and then I think it is worth it. So wait for this to go on offer and then you will find yourself a great foundation that wears well and have a great natural finish.

What is your favorite drugstore foundation?

6 responses to “L’Oreal True Match (reformulated)”

  1. That’s good the pump has improved – nothing worse than pumping out too much, what a waste. I can definitely see how N1 Ivory is a better match for you.
    I’ve not tried a L’Oreal foundation in ages – primarily your point about its price point. For a few dollars more, I can get MAC or Clinique.

    • MAC and Clinique are a lot pricier here (around 30 euros) so that would be double this price. Still. Essence do foundations for 5 euros that I like as well. Products don’t have to be super expensive to be good. There’s a reason why I currently have more drugstore than high end foundation in my stash.

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