I Heart Makeup Love Hot Summer bronzer

One of my favorite cheek products for the summer time is the I Heart Makeup Love Hot Summer bronzer. I am usually not a fan of glowy blush or bronzer, but for the summer time I like making an exception. Since I tend to wear less makeup as it is warmer, I like going for products that can do three things in one go: add warmth, add color and lastly to add a healthy glow. The minute I spotted his product on Instagram I knew it would tick off all those boxes for me. Here’s why I love it so much.

I heart make up summer of love bronzer love hot summer review swatch

I Heart Makeup Summer of Love Triple Baked bronzer Love Hot Summer

Despite the fact that this bronzer has the longest name on the planet, the price tag of it is much smaller. This costs just €5.99. That’s right! This is a very affordable product and if it can do a three-in-one: even better. It is part of the reason why this product was so enticing to me. I love glowy bronzers, but since I only get to wear them for a few weeks every year where I feel they suit me, I don’t want to pay topshelf prices.

The Packaging

I heart make up summer of love bronzer love hot summer review swatch

My second reason for loving this product is the packaging. It is heart shaped! What’s not to love about that?! Now, I Heart Makeup do several of these heart shaped products, very much inspired by some of the Too Faced items out on the market. I Heart Makeup do blush, bronzer and highlight and they are all baked. For instance, there is a unicorn highlighter that is stunning. The packaging is quite cheap though and and there is no mirror, but those are minor faults in a product that is this stunning.

The Product

I heart make up summer of love bronzer love hot summer review swatch

The product itself, while called a bronzer, should not be confused with one. This is NOT a bronzer. As you can see while there is a great deal of warmth to the base color, it also has a pink tone to it. Add some gold veining and when you blend it all together you get a shade that is not a bronzer at all. And that is what I found appealing. It has this pinky, bronze tone to it with some glow added to it that just blends into this perfect glowy cheek color. So it was really the shade of this that drew me in and made me buy this.

The Swatch

I heart make up summer of love bronzer love hot summer review swatch

When swatching this, I was quite shocked at first. That looks like a straight up bronze. But this is a finger swatch and I don’t know about you, but I do not apply my blush with my fingers unless it is a cream. So I was hoping this would sheer out nicely. Swatched, the shade has a rose gold undertone and while the gold veining is quite distinct in the pan, there isn’t any noticeable shimmer in the swatch. For a baked bronzer: that is excellent.

Texture wise this product doesn’t feel super dry, nor does it feel buttery smooth. It is a baked product after all which usually makes for a drier texture. This doesn’t kick up a lot of powder and as it is baked, it sheers out really nicely. So this blends well and with a light hand this works very well on my pale skin. As you can see below.

The Application

I heart make up summer of love bronzer love hot summer review swatch

As you can see there really is not that much intensity once applied to the cheek. I apply this with my fluffy Real Techniques blush brush and I feel it deposits the right amount of product that does just enough for my cheeks. And the best part: if I get a bit of a tan, this only starts to look better. It looks very natural, has just the right amount of color that makes this work as a blush, but also some warmth to add some warmth and enough glow to act as a highlight. This is great as a one-stop cheek shop. So if you’re in a hurry, of if you’re trying to wear less makeup because it is summer, then this is a great one to bust out.

The Conclusion

I heart make up summer of love bronzer love hot summer review swatch

I hope I have been able to explain why I love the I Heart Makeup Love Hot Summer bronzer so much. It is just one of my favorite cheek products for the summer time and since we’re nearing summer, I thought I’d post this review now. So yes, I would highly recommend this product if you’re looking for an easy to use product for everyday wear.

What is your one-stop shop cheek product?

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  1. That looks lovely on you – I’m not normally into bronzers with sheen either but I have one from MAC I’m desperate to finish off (it seems to have gone walkies at the moment though!)
    Fab budget find, I’m yet to try anything from the I heart Makeup range

    • I love a glowy bronzer in the summer time. Revolution has some great products in their range but you definitely have to be careful as the brand as a whole is quite hit or miss. But most brands are to be honest.

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