Beauty brands I love

I thought that it was time for me to rave about a few of my favorite beauty/ makeup brands. I stuck to makeup brands in this one as I wanted to keep it focused. Surprisingly, or maybe not so much, there are more drugstore brands here than high end ones. I just love a good drugstore product and I am usually more surprised about the quality of those as they are usually quite affordable. With high end you kind of expect the quality to be on point regardless of the product. But these are 5 brands I love.  beauty brands I love

Beauty brands I love

Brands mentioned:

  • Maybelline
  • Catrice
  • Urban Decay
  • MAC
  • Make Up Revolution

What beauty brand is your favorite?

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    • I was discontinued, so I am not sure whether it would make sense to still review it. I could of course, but it will be extremely hard to find still.

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