Too Faced Born This Way foundation

It is getting colder which means I am working on changing up my foundation. Where I prefer lightweight, barely there foundations in the summer time, during fall and winter I go with richer textures. I am not necessarily looking for a full coverage foundation, but what I am looking for is a formula that will do something extra for my skin. The Too Faced Born This Way foundation promises to do just that.  too faced born this way foundation snow review swatch light skin pale fair

Too Faced Born This Way foundation Snow

In terms of foundation this is not too expensive. Even over here, where most brands get marked up a few euros once the products hit shelves, this retails for €35.99. While that may seem like much, especially in comparison to most drugstore foundations, this is definitely not too crazy for a high end brand. What’s more? This foundation is now available in 35 different shades, which means you will be hard pressed to find a shade that won’t work for you.

The Packaging

too faced born this way foundation snow review swatch light skin pale fair

I really love foundations that come with a pump. I think it works well, it is hygienic and most of the time it means you never get too much product. One pump is enough for me to reach the amount of coverage I would like to achieve. The bottle itself is a glass bottle, so this isn’t the best for travel, but it isn’t overly big. Still, the packaging is handy and I quite like the look of this foundation, even though I could do without the gold details. But hey, it’s Too Faced and we all know that they like their element of kitsch.

The Foundation

too faced born this way foundation snow review swatch light skin pale fair

This foundation is a favorite of many bloggers, vloggers and other online influencers. It boasts medium to full coverage without being too oily. It also promises to be hydrating as it is infused with coconut water. The foundation also supposedly has some other better for your skin ingredients to help with brightness and hyaluronic acid to keep the foundation looking better for longer. In short, the claims on the Too Faced Born This Way foundation are nothing if not glowing. How does this work for me?

The Swatch

too faced born this way foundation snow review swatch light skin pale fair

As you can see this foundation is quite thick and creamy in texture. When I first used this, it took some getting used to! I am usually more into watery foundations that spread out so easily they are nearly undetectable. This is not that. This definitely needs to be blended in carefully for the most seamless result. But when you do that, it works really well.

This is best applied with a sponge, but a brush works well too. I sometimes like to use a brush for the coverage and then the sponge for blending it in. With a sponge this looks a bit more natural as you don’t get as high of a coverage. With a brush it is easier to build up and create a medium to full coverage if you wish to do that.

The Application

too faced born this way foundation snow review swatch light skin pale fair

When I bought this foundation, the shade range had not yet been expanded. Snow used to be the lightest shade, but there are now 2 more shades available that are even lighter and 9 shades that extend the shade range in the deeper spectrum. For me, Snow is a good match shade wise. However, I feel the undertone is a touch too yellow for my taste. It doesn’t make me look jaundiced per se, but it just takes some getting used to.

On my face, this is definitely more coverage than I am usually looking for. But the claims on this are true: this is foundation is hydrating and is longlasting. It still looks the same at the end of the day and that is something. Despite the thicker formula, this doesn’t full into any lines or creases and it doesn’t look cakey on dry areas of the face either. It is just a good, solid foundation that gets the job done.

The Conclusion

too faced born this way foundation snow review swatch light skin pale fair

For a medium to full coverage foundation, this is one of the best ones I have tried. On my dry skin, most higher coverage foundations look horrible. But this does not. Sure, this foundation won’t look natural as you can definitely see you are wearing makeup, but it goes on smoothly, stays put nicely and looks great even after a full day of wear. For a fuller coverage foundation this feels very lightweight on the face and you can’t even tell you are wearing it. The fact that this is available in 35 shades is an added bonus. If you are looking to boost up your foundation game, then the Too Faced Born This Way foundation is one I could highly recommend.

What is your favorite medium to full coverage foundation?

8 responses to “Too Faced Born This Way foundation”

  1. Dang, I really need to try this foundation! I love Too Faced and the coverage looks perfect! I really liked the Born This Way concealer so I think I would really like this foundation too.
    I also really love the Too Faced Peach Perfect foundation which has good medium to full coverage.

  2. Interesting to read your thoughts on this one! I recently reviewed this foundation over on my blog too, but I have to say, I didn’t get on with it as well as you did! I typically go for very full coverage foundations, whereas I feel this one is more medium – I couldn’t seem to build it up to full! & the lasting power dissapointed me! Do you set this, if so, what with? xx

    • I use a primer underneath and set it with my NYX HD Banana powder. But I have dry/ dehydrated skin that is normal in most places. I think it really depends on your skin type whether you like this. Also, I tend to use very lightweight foundations mostly. Full coverage usually looks like a cakey mess on my face.

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