Why I love cool toned eyeshadow

With the current makeup trends veering more towards warm toned shadows for a few years now, it is time to address the underdog of eyeshadow shades: cool tones. I love a good cool toned eyeshadow and I think more people should be raving about them. So that is why today I will be telling you all about why I love cool tones.

why I love cool toned eyeshadow

Why I love cool toned eyeshadow palettes

1. It’s flattering

My first and most important reason why I love cool tones on myself is because I simply find it more flattering on my complexion. If you have a cool or neutral undertone, all those warm tones can make you look a bit meh. Especially oranges and berries can be difficult to pull off as it can make you look sick rather than sexy. Cool tones are perfect if you have cooler undertone in your skin as it always looks great, but I think they can be used universally if you choose well.

2. It’s my favorite

Cool toned eyeshadows have been my favorites for a long time. I had a massive taupe phase when I first started getting into makeup and some of my favorite eyeshadow palettes pull more cool toned than warm toned. I even did a full overview of my favorite cool toned eyeshadow palettes last year and I think it is still accurate as not too many new palettes have come out with a cool undertone. For some reason, brands have a hard time making cool toned palettes and when they do the shade selection is disappointing. There seem to be a few new players on the market though that I am looking to try, so I will certainly do an update in the future.

3. It’s underrated

I think that one reason why no one is loving cool tones at the moment is because it is underrated. Cool tones are just not deemed very sexy and apart from a smokey eye, most people do not really seem to really know what to do with them. I also don’t like how quite a few cool toned palettes either pull very grey or go unexpectedly colorful in a bad way. A good cool toned neutral palette is hard to come by, so I am still waiting for the perfect cool toned neutral palette.

4. It’s neutral

Because a good cool toned neutral palette is very much missing from the beauty landscape. Why? Because cool tones make for the best neutrals on me. If I want to wear a more everyday look then cool tones is the way I need to go. The warmer I go the sultrier the look and the more cool toned the shadows I use the more neutral. Whenever I wear cool tones, I feel it makes my eyes look bigger and just overall pretty.

5. It’s beginner friendly

A final reason why I love cool toned shadows is because I think it is a great start for makeup beginners. If you are new to makeup, then cool tones are quite foolproof. They will always look good and it is quite difficult to botch up a look if you stick to some neutral shades. Cool tones is definitely what I started using when I first got into makeup and I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a place to start when getting into eye makeup.

Do you love cool toned eyeshadow?

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