The Body Shop Vitamin E eye cream

the body shop vitamin e eye cream review swatch skincare

And we’re back! Despite the mishap of yesterday’s post and me feeling under the weather for the umpteenth time in a few weeks time and yet I wanted to get this review out there. Mainly because I am nearly running out of this eye cream by The Body Shop and I wanted to make sure I wrote about this before I do.

The Body Shop Vitamin E eye cream

It is no secret that I am a pretty big fan of TBS skincare products. I swear by quite a few of their products and I was hoping to add their Vitamin E eye cream to that long list of products. For an eye cream, this is an affordable one. It retails for €15, which is quite good for an eye cream, which can often times be some of the most expensive skincare products on the market.

The Packaging

the body shop vitamin e eye cream review swatch skincare

The packaging of this eye cream is actually quite handy to use. This eye cream comes in a squeezy tube. That makes the application of this eye cream super hygienic. One of my favorite eye creams is the Kiehl’s avocado eye cream, but that comes in a pot, which means you have to stick your finger in. Since the Vitamin E eye cream comes in a tube, it means this product is less likely to expire and the formula has a bigger chance of staying stable as you use it.

The Tube

the body shop vitamin e eye cream review swatch skincare

However, when I saw this pointy end to the tube, I was was still a bit skeptical. While I was curious enough, I also feared that the product would not be thick enough as it would have to be thin enough to be dispensed through this itty bitty little point. I don’t have the driest eye area, for some reason it is the only area on my face that is a bit oily to be quite honest, I still need an eye cream to keep milia at bay and I feel that using an eye cream in the morning before doing makeup lessens the creasing of my concealer.

The Swatch

the body shop vitamin e eye cream review swatch skincare

So as predicted by the packaging, this eye cream is not the richest eye cream on the planet. It is why I am running out of this quite quickly. I think I have been using this for 2 months now, maybe less? Because the formula is quite thin and it is absorbed quite quickly on the skin, so I feel I need quite a bit to make it last and really nourish my area.

I have been using this eye cream both day and night and I feel it doesn’t really have enough effect for a night time cream. For the night, I really need something richer in texture and much more creamy. So I will be repurchasing the Kiehl’s Avocado eye treatment very soon! That said though, this eye cream is a great one for the day time. I really struggle finding a good concealer that does enough to nourish my eye area, but that still sits well under makeup and I feel this definitely fits the bill. It is light weight enough to not mess with your makeup application, yet still packs enough of a punch to do a bit of hydration throughout the day.

The Conclusion

To be quite honest, The Body Shop’s Vitamin E eye cream kind of surprised me. I have tried plenty of eye creams that didn’t do enough, didn’t sit well under makeup or that irritated my eyes. And the ones that I tried that did work, were twice the price of this one. So to find a great everyday eye cream that works well under makeup and doesn’t break the bank has been a blessing. I will definitely repurchase this, but will only be using it as a day time eye cream and will repurchase the Kiehl’s for that extra bit of night time hydration.

What is your favorite eye cream?

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  1. I love the body shop I have been trying their mask and I love them I would love to try some of their other skincare. Do you have any favourites? or recommendations?

    • I think it depends on your skin type. The aloe vera toner and foaming cleanser are some of my favorites for my sensitive, dehydrated skin. I also love the Vitamin C Microdermabrasion and Vitamin E Serum-in-Oil.

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