Top 5 Winter perfume

top 5 winter perfume fragrance katy perry killer queen jean paul gaultier madame givenchy play hugo boss deep red chopard wish

Am I the only one who reaches for particular fragrances in different seasons? I definitely have different preferences throughout the year. In the winter time that we’re still in right now (even though the weather here makes it feel like spring already), I prefer to wear sweet, slightly more heady scents. I am not even sure why, but that is what I find myself drawn towards wearing this time of year. I selected 5 perfumes from my collection to share with you as they are my winter time perfume favorites.

Top 4 Winter Perfume favorites

Now before we get to these perfumes, there is something you should know and that is that some of these I have had for a long time and some of these I have used up since I took this picture. Doesn’t mean I no longer like these though, so I just thought I’d give a heads up. In case you thought: but didn’t you use that up?!

top 5 winter perfume fragrance katy perry killer queen jean paul gaultier madame givenchy play hugo boss deep red chopard wish

Katy Perry Killer Queen – Killer Queen has been a winter go to over even any of the other perfumes you see here when I bought it a year and a half ago. It is a humongous bottle of 100 mls that I got on a deal from my local drugstore. I love the scent of this, which is very unusual because this is very sweet and fruity and it is a celebrity scent. None of those things I usually go for, but I find this also has a very nice warmth to it, which is why I love wearing it in the winter time.

Jean Paul Gaultier Madame – This is one of the oldest perfumes in my collection. When I started buying perfumes I never invested in buying the big bottles as I wasn’t sure what I preferred. But this was one that saw me through many working days in my first job after graduating. I loved that it was a bit more edgy from other perfumes I had smelled, but I did tire of it after a while. I pulled it out to use up over the fall time and was reminded why I loved this.

Givenchy Play – Play for Her was a scent that I knew I wanted to buy before it was released. This is quite a floral scent that is quite sweet too. It was my go to night time perfume for a long time, but now I also like it for the day time. To me, it was super special when I first bought it, but by now I feel it also makes for a good day time perfume.

Hugo Boss Deep Red – The headiest smell is the first high end perfume I ever bought. I don’t wear this a lot anymore, but this was the first perfume I ever tried that lasted all day on me. That was what I loved about it most. It starts off quite citrusy, but then warms up quickly and ends up smelling more like a woodsy vanilla. Still one I like, but it is quite old by now, so I am not sure I should still be wearing it.

Chopard Wish – This was a Christmas gift to myself a few years ago. It is very similar to Deep Red I feel as they both end up having a warm, woodsy vanilla scent. Wish does not have much citrus to it though: it is softer, more well-rounded and one that I go back and forth with. There are days where I love this, but also days where it is not my cup of tea. I should wear this more often.

What perfumes do you like to wear in the winter time?

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