The Body Shop Mandarin Face mist

the body shop mandarin energising face mist face spray skincare review swatch

A few months ago I reviewed The Body Shop’s Mattifying Face Mist. While I liked that product, I didn’t like the spritzer on that. When I mentioned that, many people told me that I probably just got a faulty one as they didn’t have problems with theirs. Luckily, I bought not one of these face mists when they launched: I got two. So I still had to try the Mandarin Energising Face Mist. Will this work better?

The Body Shop Mandarin Energising Face Mist

If you didn’t know yet, these face mists are the replacement for the older style face spritzes that The Body Shop already did. I loved their Vitamin C face spritz, but since that was discontinued I am looking for a replacement. That was supposed to be energising too, so that is why I bought the Mandarin Energising Face Mist as I thought it might be the most comparable to that. In any case, this retails for €8, which is cheaper than the older style face sprays.

The Packaging

the body shop mandarin energising face mist face spray skincare review swatch

The face mist comes in a simple spray bottle. I like the look of them. It is easy to see which one you are grabbing for and they are quite small and handy. The bottle contains 60 mls of product and that is a lot less than the older face sprays. But still, this little bottle is also about a third of the price, so that is good too.

The Face Spray

the body shop mandarin energising face mist face spray skincare review swatch

I love using face sprays/ mists in the morning to refresh my face after cleansing. That is why I wanted to try this Energising version as I love a good refresh in the morning and I hoped this would be doing that for me. I think the Mint Mattifying one is a bit better at waking me up than this is, but it still smells and feels nice on the skin.

The ingredients of this are pretty okay. The Mandarin is mainly added in terms of fragrance, but there is also some actual citrus extract in this as well. The ingredient list also shows caffeine and aloe vera, so it does live up to the hydrating and energising claims. Do bear in mind that the ‘good’ ingredients are halfway down the list, so the concentration of them is probably quite small.

The Swatch

the body shop mandarin energising face mist face spray skincare review swatch

There isn’t much to be seen here, because computers do not yet come with scent components. However, that doesn’t mean I can’t show you what this looks like when you spray it on. As you can see this is pretty much no more than a water that you spray on that has some other skincare properties. It is quite wet, but the spritzer on this is a far less aggressive than the mint one I had. This is truly a mist, which makes you use a lot less product than than if this were a spray.

The Conclusion

Yes, this is what I was hoping to find when I bought the Mint Mattifying Face Mist. The Body Shop Mandarin Energising Face Mist has a different smell to it, but it does feel as hydrating on my skin. The spritzer on this is far better than the Mint one, but I think I like the scent of the Mint spray a little bit better. It is a bit more refreshing in the morning than this one, but I will definitely keep the spritzer when I use this up, just so I always have a good one on hand.

What face spray do you use?

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  1. I’ve never tried those but I really love my Bario Badescu facial mists. I started with the Rose one but right now I am really loving the Chamomile and Lavender one. It’s nice and calming.

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