Make Up Revolution Ultra Contour face palette

make up revolution ultra contour face palette review swatch

Contouring, highlighting: in recent years, many techniques have hit the consumer makeup market that previously were only meant for the pros. A brand that jumped onto the bandwagon and instantly made those trends accessible without breaking the bank is Make Up Revolution. Best known for duping more high end makeup, they also do products that are more unique to their line. The Ultra Contour Face Palette is such a unique product from Make Up Revolution.

Make Up Revolution Ultra Contour Face Palette

For a full face palette this is a very affordable product as most Make Up Revolution products are. This retails around the €10 mark, but it will depend on where you live and exchange rates what this will cost you. Inside, you get 8 shades and 13 grams of product.

The Packaging

make up revolution ultra contour face palette review swatch

The Make Up Revolution palettes always come with great packaging. It is not the best quality as it is hard plastic and thus might break easily, but there is a great size mirror in these and these are slim and easy to store. The pan sizes are decent and no space is wasted on a brush that no one will use.

The Palette

make up revolution ultra contour face palette review swatch

Of the 8 shades int he palette, there is a good range of different contour and highlighter powders that you get. The top left powder is a good powder to set your makeup, there is a light banana shade and one with a more peach under tone. The contour and bronzer shades are nice, but I only tend to use the two bronzers on the left: the third bronzer is too dark and warm toned for my skin. I like using the bronzer on the left as a bronzer, and the one in the middle as a contour.

Where some contour palettes only have matte powder, this palette includes two shimmery powders too. So this palette truly is your one stop shop for all things contour and highlight. If you travel and need one face palette that can do almost everything than this is a good one: the only thing you are missing is a blush. The two shimmer highlighters are nice, but they are quite chunky, so that does have to be your cup of tea.

The Swatch

make up revolution ultra contour face palette review swatch

These powders really have a decent quality. They are a touch powdery, but I don’t mind that in my face powders. Some of the powders are nice and light and would work well for my skin tone. The banana powder is a bit too yellow for me though and the peach powder has a bit of a shimmer and it is also too dark. The highlighter and contour/ bronzers all work well, but the highlighters can be a bit too noticeable as they have a clearly visible shimmer running through it.

In terms of how these powders work, I get on with them very well. To me, this is very comparable to my favorite high end contour palette: the Kat Von D Shade & Light palette. These powders are just as blendable and have a similar wear time to the Kat Von D palette. So if you are currently boycotting Kat Von D, like many people (I bought mine years before the drama), then this is not only a more affordable option, but also a good quality one.

The Application

make up revolution ultra contour face palette review swatch

Since this palette is just a contour and highlight palette, that is what we are focusing on. You can see that the three contour shades all work well, but that lighter shade (top right) suits my skin tone best). The highlighters are nice, but once applied to the skin they are not the most noticeable. So yes, this is a good, affordable contour palette.

The Conclusion

make up revolution ultra contour face palette review swatch

If you are looking for a good, affordable contour palette, then I would recommend looking into the Make Up Forever Ultra Contour face palette. Even though contouring isn’t a huge trend anymore, there are plenty people who still do this on a daily basis. So if you are looking for a good quality face contour palette that doesn’t break the bank, then you will find that this one is a good option to try.

Are you still into contouring?

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