Best Toners for Sensitive Skin

best toners for sensitive skin skincare kiehls garnier kruidvat the body shop lush

A skincare item that I don’t hear many people talking about are toners. I have been using toners for years: they round off your cleansing routine and prepare the skin for the skincare to go on top. Toners have a bad rep as they can be stripping on the skin, but I have found a few that my sensitive skin loves. These do not strip, yet still make sure your skin is as clean as it can be before moving on to the next step.

Best Toners for Sensitive Skin | Skincare

In terms of toners, I have selected 5. These 5 toners are not all necessarily toners in name, but can certainly be used in that way. I have a few affordable options, a few more expensive options and I have used all of these for enough time, to tell you a bit about them. Some of these are longstanding favorites, others I am currently trying out. If I have a review up for any of these, I will make sure to link those in the title of each product.

best toners for sensitive skin skincare kiehls garnier kruidvat the body shop lush

Kiel’s Calendula Herbal Extract Toner – Let’s start with the most expensive one! At €38.50 this is the most expensive toner I have ever tried. It is one I am currently using. So far I am liking this. This toner does not strip your skin at all and feels very gentle. It is not formulated for my skin type per se, but it is great for taking off that last bit of grime at the end of the day and I feel skincare sinks in better when I’ve used this. I hope to review this product for you soon.

Garnier Micellar Water – Micellar water is not exactly a toner, but I like using it like that. My favorite? Everything Garnier. At €6.79 this is a great affordable option: you get a ton of product and it lasts a long time. This is much gentler than the Kiehl’s one, so I feel I can use this in the morning for a quick cleanse as well as an actual cleanser. I have gone through phases where I have used only this and no separate toner. If I am traveling or in a pinch and all out of toner, I will happily use this as I always have a bottle on hand.

Kruidvat Originals Rose Water – The most affordable toner I want to share with you? Kruidvat Originals Rose Water at €1.99 for a bottle. Rose Water in general is a great product for using as a toner, so you don’t have to get this brand per se, but it is the one I have tried. It is gentle, smells nice and gets the job done. I have yet to repurchase this, but since I still had some other toners to try, I didn’t get round to it. But this is one I definitely want to go back to.

The Body Shop Aloe Calming Toner – For this product we have to go back, way back: to one of my first ever reviews on this blog. The packaging has changed since then, but the product has not. I still love it as much and always keep a bottle around. If I mess up my skin, I know that the Aloe Vera Calming Toner by The Body Shop is something I can always fall back on. This is my go to and one that I have repurchased over and over again. It is €12.00, so it is more mid range than the other two options.

Lush Breath of Fresh Air Toner Water – A more recent find is Lush’ Breath of Fresh Air. This is a bit more expensive, but also comes in a smaller size that is a bit cheaper. A 250 ml bottle is €13.95 though, so this is a touch more expensive than the TBS option. This doesn’t beat the TBS one (that one is still my favorite), but it is a good toner that doesn’t strip down my skin and the spray nozzle on the bottle makes this product very easy to use. When I get round to restocking my skincare collection with some toners, I will definitely purchase this again.

Do you have a favorite toner?

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