Anastasia Beverly Hills Bronzer

anastasia beverly hills bronzer rosewood review swatch

After the intense video month that was May, I thought I’d hit up June straight away with some reviews for products that I have been using all month. I haven’t written a review in over a month, so let’s see if I still got it! Today’s review will be for the Anastasia Beverly Hills Powder Bronzer in Rosewood. I wore it all month and these are my thoughts after a full months of use. Let’s see how this went for me.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Powder Bronzer Rosewood

The Anastasia products are usually high quality. I like their eyeshadow palettes, love some of their highlighters and their liquid lipsticks are still one of my favorites. I had not tried any of their blushes and bronzers so far and since ABH isn’t a cheap brand, I definitely took my time selecting something that might be right for me. Meet Rosewood! A powder bronzer that contains 10 grams of product and retails for €35.

The Packaging

anastasia beverly hills bronzer rosewood review swatch

You have to hand it to ABH: they do some gorgeous packaging! The compact is navy blue and the ABH logo is suspended in the plastic somehow. This product feels weighty: the compact feels luxurious and not cheap at all. You get a good sized mirror and the pan looks very generous too. This packaging really reminds me of old school Dior compacts that I used to drool over when I first started wearing makeup.

The Bronzer

anastasia beverly hills bronzer rosewood review swatch

Rosewood is one of the lightest shades in the Anastasia Beverly Hills bronzer line up. In total you can choose from 6 different shades, which for a bronzer range is exceptional as most bronzers only come in one or two shades. Rosewood is described as Light Golden and it was between this and Tawny for me. Tawny looked to be a bit too dark though and is also described as a Light Terracotta Brown which I felt would not suit my undertone very well.

The Swatch

anastasia beverly hills bronzer rosewood review swatch

The actual swatch looks very smooth, but also hella scary! Look at that pigmentation. This is a super pigmented bronzer and that means that this is best applied with a light hand. That said, I always apply bronzer with a stipple brush to prevent myself from overdoing it and making me look muddy. So that is no problem.

Texture wise this bronzer feels very creamy. From the swatch you might always think this is a cream rather than a powder. It looks matte in the pan, but once swatched you can see the lightest hint of sheen this has. The shade also has a pink to red undertone, which is hard to come by in bronzers. So needless to say, I was very excited to put this to the test and apply it to my cheeks.

anastasia beverly hills bronzer rosewood review swatch

Once applied to the face this bronzer gives a soft golden glow. I took these pictures when I first got the product and at the time I was just a touch too pale for it. That’s why I busted it out this month as I knew it would work much better with my complexion in the spring/ summer time. It is a nice bronze look that is definitely noticeable. This is not the kind of bronzer that is barely there and looks natural. When you wear this, you can definitely see you are wearing bronzer.

While this bronzer pretty much blew my socks off in terms of staying power and the shade match, I wasn’t so much impressed with the blendability at first. Since this product is so pigmented it is easy to get too much product and when that happens this bronzer turns very patchy and then refuses to blend out. Unless you go in with the leftover foundation on your makeup sponge, this bronzer simply won’t budge. It is as if it grabs onto the skin/ base makeup and just won’t move anymore. That only happened whenever I got a little heavy handed though, I found that this doesn’t happen if you only dab your brush in once and then apply it.

The Conclusion

anastasia beverly hills bronzer rosewood review swatch

I am very much impressed by the Anastasia Beverly Hills Bronzer in Rosewood. While the shade is a hair too dark for me to be worn year round, I love how this looks on me in the spring/ summer time when I like using bronzer to give myself a bit more color. The biggest drawback for me is that this can look patchy if you go in too heavy handed, but that can easily be remedied. That said, this bronzer does come with some instructions on how it can best be used, but once you get the hang of it, it is absolutely gorgeous. If you struggle finding a bronzer shade that works for you then I would definitely recommend looking into the ABH bronzers!

What is your favorite high end bronzer?

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  1. It does look nice on you! I still like Tarte Park Ave Princess, but I also like the Balm Betty Lou Bronzer those are somewhat high-end. 🙂

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