The Ordinary Buffet Serum

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the ordinary buffet serum skincare review swatch

One brand known for its no nonsense skincare items at an affordable price point? The Ordinary of course! And because of that I have been really curious to try more of their products. Not everything I try has been successful, but I think that in the Buffet Serum I have definitely found a gem that has become an essential part in my current skincare routine.

The Ordinary Buffet Serum

Not too long ago, The Ordinary finally came to The Netherlands. They have a stand alone store in The Netherlands and they are now sold via Douglas. The selection is limited though and not all products are readily available and they are also marked up quite a bit as with many beauty products sold here. On Beauty Bay this exact product costs €14.75. At Douglas this is sold for €16.15. However, I bought this via Feelunique: UK website which sells this product for £12.70, which is just over €14 in the current conversions. In short, it pays off to shop around if you are looking to buy The Ordinary.

The Packaging

the ordinary buffet serum skincare review swatch

What I appreciate about The Ordinary is their packaging. It is clean, simple and fuss free. The dropper is easy to use and means you can apply the serum in a hygienic way. The bottle is made of clear glass which means it is easy to see how much product you have left. If a product in their line is sensitive to light, the bottle comes in a darker shade to ensure the product stays stable.

The Promises

the ordinary buffet serum skincare review swatch

What is a skincare product without its claims? The Buffet Serum promises to hydrate the surface of the skin, combat fine lines and wrinkles, and resolve textural irregularities. Since my skin suffers from all of these, I knew this would be a product that I would like to try. My skin is mostly dehydrated to dry and can be quite sensitive. I am in my 30s so anything that can help with fine lines and early wrinkles is a musthave in my book.

The Ingredients

the ordinary buffet serum skincare review swatch

I am not a pharmacist or a chemist, so ingredients list are always filled with abracadabra, but this being called a peptide serum, I can see there are several peptides high up the list. I am not sure about many of the other ingredients, but so far this product has been really working for me. I am loving this as a day time serum and apply this before my morning moisturizer. It is lightweight enough to work well under makeup, is absorbed by the skin quickly and I feel my skin feels hydrated and plumped on a daily basis.

The Swatch

the ordinary buffet serum skincare review swatch

As always I like including a swatch of the product to show you the texture. You can see how watery this is: it is light a thick water that is odorless and colorless. It feels very pleasant on the skin: it is almost refreshing, like a drink of water for the skin. I have tried hyaluronic acid in the past and that actually ended up dehydrating my skin, but this does not have that effect. It is nicely hydrating and makes my skin feel and look great. I have been noticing fewer bumps and milia on my skin and overall I feel this product truly adds a crucial step to my skincare routine.

The Conclusion

I am absolutely head over heels in love with The Ordinary Buffet Serum. It is one of those products that you think: hmm do I need that? And then you start using it and you feel like it is a step you can no longer do without. I heard that some sort of peptide serum in your skincare routine is a musthave to keep your skin plump and healthy. I just gave it a whirl and am absolutely loving it. Highly recommend if you are looking for a great, lightweight hydrating serum that works well in the day time.

What do you think about peptide serums?

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