Summer fragrances I love

summer fragrances I love

In the summer time, I not only change up my makeup routine for more lightweight and liquid products, I also change up the fragrances I like to wear. Perfumes and scents are always very seasonal for me. I grab for particular scents of The Body Shop shower gels depending on the season and I do the same with the fragrances I like to wear. I have 5 standards that I love to wear in the summer time and today I am sharing those with you.

5 Summer Fragrances I Love

1. Marc Jacobs Daisy – I love floral scents in the summer time that are lightweight. So I tend to wear eau de toilette over eau de parfum and that is the case for Daisy as well as it ticks both boxes. It is very feminine and it is a scent that many people like and wear. My love for this used to be strong and I used to wear it all the time, but ever since my brain has now solidly linked this perfume to the summer time, I don’t wear it as much anymore, but I still love it.

2. The Body Shop Pink Grapefruit Body Mist – This is a bit of an odd one as it is very fruity and fruity scents are usually not my cup of tea. But the zesty tinge of this is very refreshing and the pink grapefruit line is one of my favorites from The Body Shop. I like this as a bit of a refresher throughout the day, especially on super hot summer days.

summer fragrances I love

3. Dolce & Gabbana Dolce – Another floral fragrance that I love for the summer time is Dolce. I bought this on a whim at the airport during a trip and really wore it religiously for a while, as I do with most of my fragrance. I then settled it into my routine and figured out how much I like this simple, lightweight, easy to wear perfume for daily wear. This is a great perfume to wear to work.

4. The Body Shop White Musk Sun Glow – One of my older summer perfumes is one I don’t wear enough, but this is such a nostalgic scent. This smells like sunscreen and reminds me of childhood visits to the pool and beach, long summer days, catching crickets near my house and just that overall joy that comes with careless childhood memories. I cannot get rid of this, simply for that reason and I always take it out every once in a while over the summer.

5. Thierry Mugler Alien Sunessence Legere – My ultimate summer fragrance is this mini of Mugler’s Aline. This was a limited edition perfume from 2009 and I got this deluxe sample with purchase. I have brought it on every one of my travels since and so this particular scent has a lot of memories attached to it. I smell this and I am in New York, LA, Chicago, London and wherever else I have been since I got my hands on this.

What is your favorite summer perfume?

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  1. I had a bottle of Marc Jacobs Daisy in my bathroom and my BFF would come over for gal’s night out and she’d use it. I never really used it, because I am not much for wearing fragrances. But she always used it and she said that way I could enjoy it as well. LOL! I remember I liked Marc Jacobs DOT too but never bought it (just had samples). And I love anything grapefruit/citrus scented.

    • I found it really hard to find perfume I actually liked. I have been working through older perfumes to use them up as I no longer have interest in them. It can be a tricky thing to find something that works well with your body chemistry!

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