Make Up Revolution Green Tea setting spray

I heart revolution I heart makeup makeup revolution fixing spray green tea review swatch

Makeup fixing spray was a product I didn’t really use for a long time. I tried the Urban Decay All Nighter and really liked it, but thought it was quite expensive for what it did. A travel size is €15 and so I decided to look for a more affordable option. I tried one by Catrice and liked it but I used it up quite quickly as there wasn’t a lot of product in that one. So when Make Up Revolution came out with a full line of different scented sprays for an affordable price point that came with a lot more product, I was intrigued.

I Heart Revolution Green Tea Makeup Fixing Spray

So let’s start with the price point first. This retails for €7.99 for 100 mls of product. Say what?! Yes, that is very affordable and if this works well you know it will be well worth it. In total this comes in 9 different scents on the official Revolution Beauty website. Revolution does a few other fixing sprays now as well, but this line comes in several scents. I picked the Green Tea as I had hoped it would be the most neutral smelling as I don’t like very sweet smells.

The Packaging

I heart revolution I heart makeup makeup revolution fixing spray green tea review swatch

The fixing spray comes in a green bottle. Each scent has a different colored bottle, but the spray itself is clear. The spritzer on this is super fine. So fine indeed that I couldn’t take a picture of the spray as it comes out of the bottle. Where some misters can be too fine, this is just right. It is not harsh against the skin and it has enough of a spray that it does do something with your makeup.

Another thing I love about this product is how long it took me to use it up. By now this is all gone: I used it consistently for more than 6 months before I ran out of this. I only needed 2 – 3 sprays of this to make it work well enough. What I did with this is spray it in the air, not directly onto the face and then walk through it. I found that worked best with this.

The Application

I heart revolution I heart makeup makeup revolution fixing spray green tea review swatch

So what effect does this spray have on the skin? It is definitely a setting spray but not one that is overly matte or glowy. It really just functions to make your makeup last longer, but it doesn’t add anything else to the overall look of your makeup. Above you can see what I mean: in the left picture is my face with freshly applied makeup. On the right is my face with the spray applied. I think it makes my makeup look more natural and less makeup but it is not overly glowy or dewy looking, nor does it make me look dry and parched like some setting sprays can do.

The wear time on this is also amazing: it definitely makes my makeup last longer and it stays looking nicer for longer to boot. That is what I want from a makeup setting spray. Without this my makeup simply doesn’t look as good for as long. And I make some long days at work and as a teacher I talk all day and my face therefore moves around a lot. This spray keeps my face makeup looking nice throughout 12 hour workdays, even in hot weather.

The Conclusion

There is a reason why I used up the Makeup Revolution Green Tea Makeup Fixing Spray: I loved it. I am actually a bit said to have used it up. However this product is quite easy for me to repurchase as it is available at many different places. I still have enough setting spray for the moment, but I loved this enough that I will repurchase it at some point in the future.

What affordable makeup setting spray have you tried?

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