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When it comes to hand soap I am quite picky. This may seem a bit of a random thing to be picky about, but I generally find them too drying and make my hands itchy. Even my hands have sensitive skin! So when I wanted to buy some soap when I moved into my new apartment, I wasn’t sure what to go with. Randomly I found myself in Lush and decided to give one of them a whirl. I have been using their Bohemian soap in my bathroom since and have been loving it.

Lush Bohemian Soap

Lush soap is of course quite expensive compared to most bars of soap. I mean they really don’t have to be expensive. But this had so much going for it. At €7 for 120 grams of product, it’d better though. One of my pet peeves about Lush soap bars is that they cut a part of a huge chunk. So you never really end up with just 120 grams, it is always a bit more and so you always pay more. I wish they would just have pre cut pieces of the exact amount so you’d know what you would pay before going to the till. But hey, great way to generate more revenue for your business.

The Soap

Now how much can I say about a bar of soap? Maybe why I picked out this out of all of the different ones that Lush has to offer? I bought this because of the scent mostly. This has the most pleasant sweet lemon scent. It really reminds me of the lemon line that The Body Shop used to do which was one of my favorites. I mainly aimed to use this as a hand soap in my bathroom. So I wanted the scent to be refreshing and nothing too offensive. This definitely fits that bill.

The Ingredients

Bohemian consists of 14 ingredients. The first on the list? Rapeseed oil and coconut oil. No wonder I find this soap not too drying! I can imagine this could be too drying on the body, but for washing my hands on the regular this is very nice. The soap also contains glycerin. The scent is mainly caused by lemon oil and there is a bit of perfume in this as well, probably to strengthen the scent.

The Review

What do I think of Lush Bohemian soap bar? I already said I love it, but why? It is such a fresh scent that I just love. I wasn’t a very avid handwasher before, but with this I sometimes just wash my hands because I want to. It has definitely made me use soap more often too.

What I also appreciate about this soap is the lack of packaging. I have definitely been trying to reduce some of the plastic I use for years and this is a quick and fairly easy way to do that. It comes wrapped in paper and I just keep it next to my sink.

As it doesn’t dry out my hands, I feel more inclined to use soap more regularly to wash my hands. In fact, I loved this so much that I invested in another Lush soap called Parsley Porridge which is their anti-bacterial soap which I now keep in my kitchen.

The Conclusion

So the lack of packaging combined with a fresh smell that doesn’t dry out my skin is why I have been loving the Lush Bohemian soap bar. It is a no nonsense soap that works very well as a hand soap. I wouldn’t recommend it for the body as I think it isn’t nourishing enough for that, but it is definitely a good one if you are looking for an easy to use everyday soap.

Do you use regular bars of soap?

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